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  1. tentay87

    Studying/Volunteering Abroad after BSN

    Moogie, I just wanted to say a belated thanks to your response. I don't really know how to use this site. Just an updated, I volunteered last summer in a clinic in South America. It was amazing and I am looking forward to doing more mission-type trips in the future. Again, thank you for your response!
  2. tentay87

    Northwestern Application

    Kujomonster, The students from my graduating class who interned there last summer were told that they were 'welcome to apply' but there was no guaranteed job. One of the girls is waiting for a job to open up in the unit where she interned last summer. The nurse manager of the unit said that she wants to hire her but there is just no open position as of right now.
  3. tentay87

    Getting a job without connections

    if anyone is interested on an update, i have one interview so far....
  4. tentay87

    Northwestern Application

    Hey, I checked my application status and it said "not in consideration." I applied last weekend.... I received an e-mail today saying that they reviewed my application and will contact me by phone if they want to request an interview.
  5. tentay87

    Getting a job without connections

    Hey all, I will be graduating in a few days. I have started my job search last week (I applied to a few positions throughout this semester) but I am now expanding to include non-RN residency programs. From the forums/stories I've heard, it seems like most people get their jobs through connections. I'm worried because I don't have any connections. I'm interested in hearing stories from people who have gotten jobs without connections (preferably in the last 2-3 years) and how they made themselves stand out (lots of work experience, etc).
  6. Are there any new grad programs in Chicago?
  7. tentay87

    job prospects for a new grad

    So this has been worrying me for awhile. I'm a junior on a BSN track. I will graduate next May (2011). I don't think I will be getting an internship this summer. I go to school in Central IL but I would like to move back home (to save money) when I graduate. Here are my questions: How hard will it be to get a job without any experience in the suburbs/Chicago? ( I look at all the job postings and they all require a minimum of 1 year at least). Since I go to school 3 hours away, it's hard to score summer internships back home because they want you to stay after summer. When do hospitals hire? I will be graduating in May and I heard some don't hire until Aug/Sep/Oct. What do I do before then--besides passing the NCLEX? Also, which hospitals have new RN programs (so far I know Children's Memorial has one--but I haven't seen any posted) What are other ways to get experience? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  8. tentay87

    "When the Nurse is a Bully"

    http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/11/when-the-nurse-is-a-bully/ I've never had any experience with "nurses eat their young." Maybe a bad day... but nothing too memorable. But then again, I'm only on my 2nd semester of nursing school.
  9. tentay87

    What should I expect? New nursing student, begining Jan 2010.

    After your first round of exams, (and you didn't do so well) go to your teachers and go over your tests. It really helps a lot because although each exam tests different materials, the questions are usually structured the same way. Teachers want to help you succeed so let them :) && if you are a couple of points away from an A , it really helps that the teacher knows you and know that you put in effort throughout the semester... so there's a good chance that they'll give you the A Good luck!
  10. tentay87

    Should I take Chem before taking Microbiology?

    I took Micro after Chem. It does help now that I think about it :) I would recommend asking around within your program and get feedback from people who have taken Micro... I think it varies where you take it and your overall background in bio classes.
  11. tentay87

    So discouraged

    I was in the exact same situation you were in. I applied to a top ranked nursing school in my state. My gpa was a little bit below the average (3.5 instead of 3.7), my letters of rec were from a manager at a non health related field and my CNA instructor (they were supposed to be from professors who can speak of my academic potential), and I applied for regular instead of early admission. I talked to the advisor and she said that decision was based on 1/3 GPA, 1/3 letters of rec, and 1/3 essays. So my chances were not that great compared to other students I knew... But I ended up getting in, surprising several classmates from my pre-req courses. I really believe that it was my essays. I know you already wrote your essay but if you talked about post BSN plans like becoming an NP etc, your passion for nursing over other health care professions, and leadership potential etc... then I'm sure youd have a good chance. PLUS you have a 4.0 GPA, that's AMAZING... GOOD LUCK!
  12. Yes, I got a B in Anatomy and I'm in nursing school right now. It really depends on your other grades (ie overall pre reqs GPA), volunteer/work experience, essays, letters of recs..... Where are you applying?
  13. tentay87

    Finally passed on my 8th time.

    congratulations!!! i'm still in nursing school and i was contemplating whether to start studying for it now or not and waht book to buy... congratulations again! and THANK YOU for sharing your story :)
  14. I'm a first year nursing student (almost done with my first semester!) and one of my regrets is missing out on studying abroad. Are there any decent masters program that I can pursue abroad? Possibly in England or Australia (or any English speaking country). Alternatively, I would also love to volunteer abroad in a health clinic/nursing-related. Does anyone have any experience volunteering abroad for long term (3-4 months or more)? Possibly in Central/South America. How was the cost? Were you able to get a job back at home afterwards? Also, since the job market sucks right now, has anyone done the Peace Corps with a BSN? Were you assigned to something nursing-related? How was your overall experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  15. tentay87

    PharmD student - pursue FNP afterwards?

    I am almost 100% sure that all NP programs require 1 yr of experience, 2 yr+ preferred. I can't think of why someone would invest in an NP program without testing if they liked nursing first. With me, I'm a first-year nursing student and I'm planning on working 2-3 years as a nurse after graduation and if I like it, I'll apply to get a masters. If I don't, I'll either look into PharmD or law. I know several people who do this ( leave nursing for another profession after Anyways, kudos on doing a BSN and PharmD consecutively i am soooo ready to get out of school.