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    I am a new grad (RN), passed NCLEX 5 months ago. I have applied to every hospital I know. I applied to Chicago, suburban, and East Chicago hospitals near Indiana. I landed one interview at a hospital but did not get the job. I also interviewed with two nursing homes but the nurse to resident ratio was unsafe. I would have been responsible for 60+ people. I understand it is very difficult for new grads to land a hospital position. I am willing to work in ltc but with a safe nurse to resident ratio. I have no shift preference. If anyone knows of any job openings I would really appreciate it. I know you may not want to name names but if you could give me a hint that would be great. I am very frustrated and saddened. I want to work and as time passes I no longer will be considered a new grad. I need a job, any type of help is gladly appreciated.

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    I know this post is still new but any job leads would be great.
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    Unfortunately, this makes it even tougher. As long as facilities can easily fill jobs with nurses already experienced in acute care the jobs available for new grad consideration in Illinois will be few. Adding 138 experienced nurses back into the "fishbowl" is not a good thing.
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    thanks for the article, i will share it with some of my former classmates. i just keep praying things will eventually get better.
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    I am a pretty new grad also, but in order to land a job you can't turn down jobs. If you want experience you have to be willing to take on jobs with even horrible nurse to patient ratios. It is horrible to say, but the longer u r out of school without a job, the more you will forget and the less in demand you will become. Nursing homes all over have those unsafe number, but they are pretty much the only shot these day in getting a job. So earn some experience from there and move on to bigger and better. And I have never heard of a 60+ to 1 ratio, I have heard of 15-35 and even this is high, but this is the reality.
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    Trust me, I would have been responsible for 60 residents by myself. I know you can't be picky, but I will not risk my license. Thanks for responding
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    Have you tried the south a good 45 minutes - hour south of Chicago? I'm looking for CNA jobs myself and most of the career opportunities I've been seeing lately are for RNs. If you want more specifics, just PM me.
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    Try to find nursing homes or acute rehab facilities that are affiliated with a hospital or hospital system. Then you can get your 6 months experience and try to transfer to the hospital. I wouldn't let them know that this is your plan, but it's what I did and now I am happily employed at a hospital. I hated it, but I got my experience.
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    And don't risk your license either!
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    Good idea, finding a nursing home affiliated with a hospital. I already have one in mind. By the way I plan to stay for at least a year. Most jobs I am seeing in hospitals require 1 year of experience.


    I will look into nursing positions in the South Suburbs. Thanks!

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