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    In my research into accelerated BSN programs I found Lakeview college of nursing. I am having some difficulty navigating their website; Any one know how long their program is for those already holding a bachelor's degree?

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    Hi there! I will be attending Lakeview starting this fall. I agree that the website is kind of confusing. Here is a direct link to the tracks that may be completed. The only thing that a prior bachelor guarantees is that you don't have to take certain gen.ed courses.
    If you have any other questions,please feel free to send me a message, and if I am not sure I can do some asking for you.
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    Can you tell me what you liked about this school or why you choose it? I am looking into programs and would like to get various ideas. Thanks in advance! =)
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    Can you tell me what you liked about this school or why you choose it? I am looking into programs and would like to get various ideas. Thanks in advance! =)
    Hi! The main reason I chose Lakeview is because it is a bachelors program and that it is only a 30 minute drive from my home. I know personally one person who has graduated from the program and three who are currently in the program. The one that graduated did wonderful on her NCLEX and she loved the program. She said she learned a lot and thought that the instructors, although tough and sometimes pain in the butts, were great. She told me that if it weren't for them she might have given up a couple of times. The three that are in it seem to be doing decently..although two just finished the first semester. The other one just finished her 3rd semester I believe. She is doing well and says the same thing about the instructors as the graduate did. They all agree that it is a very difficult program, but hey what program isn't. I feel that if a nursing program doesn't challenge you, then most likely you aren't learning the amount of information you need to become a successful nurse. I don't know where you are located but they have two campuses. One is in Danville (the main facility) and then in Charleston which is near EIU and has a lab on campus as well. I will be attending the Charleston school. They accept 48 students for each location each semester (Fall and Spring) which I thought was great! The HESI A2 is what they use as an admissions test and wasn't too bad. If you want anymore info, just ask away.
    Good luck in your endeavor!!
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    Hi there,
    Do you by any chance know what Lakeview bases "cumulative GPA" on? If I have a B.S. and subsequently many hours of classes completed at a community college, will they consider all college classes (for credit), just the classes I completed for the B.S., or only the community college classes?
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    The track has changed a lot since I went thru the program with admission criteria. The person you most likely can email to talk with is Connie Young ( or call. I know the phones have changed because they just got a new system. There is a "checklist" of classes I know provided on the website to compare the classes you need to be able to get into the program. The school offers Statistics and some Chemistry classes to help balance what you need for admission. I graduated this past May and was on Danville's campus. It was a tough ride, a lot of mountains to climb, with obstacles coming from each class. You learn to be very flexible and go with the flow because things can change in a heartbeat, such as clinicals, check-out tests on skill times, things like that...(And you may want to pull your hair out a number of times for it).. All of the instructors are great people and are always there to help you with anything, but you do have to ask... Even though I am on the boat of looking for jobs, I am still thankful for my time at Lakeview. I learned so much, because I took the initiative to use our resources, our teachers/mentors and they changed me for the better
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    Cumulative GPA is everything.
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    Hi there,
    that was useful post. thank you. I am applying to lakeview in a week or 2 and am wondering if you know much about which campus is better to apply to? I am applying for the accelerated BSN program and want to work in ICU after. I've heard many conflicting things about Lakeview and am a bit worried if it is the right decision or if I am going to have issues later getting a job.
    How do you find your experience so far?
    What is the true pass rate for the license exam?
    Are you learning a lot? Are the facilities good?

    I would appreciate any and all help and advice. Thank you so much in advance! I hope your classes are going well
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    Quote from lynz06
    Cumulative GPA is everything.
    I know they state the 2.75 GPA on the school website but do you have any idea what the average student might have as GPA. I have a 4.0 now and in all the sciences/math but I went through a rough patch in my 3rd year of college due to family etc and that really sank my GPA and now my overall GPA (even though I have 4.0 since then) is 2.9. So am wondering if they put more weight on total GPA or they consider individual classes as well and anything else? Thank you in advance!
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    Hi there! I was really worried when I applied to Lakeview, I also had a rough period when I was working on my first undergraduate degree...they accepted me with a 2.8. I think a 2.5 is the minimum that they will accept, so I think you'll be fine, but I know waiting to hear back is the worst! Good luck!

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