1. 0 Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics that are local or state related. Enjoy!
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    Brian has '18+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele'. From 'Minnesota'; Joined Mar '98; Posts: 15,290; Likes: 16,230.

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    Wow, are those crickets I hear chirping?? LOL

    Surely I'm not the only member from Illinois. Maybe the others are smart enough not to admit it.
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    Belinda -

    I am a nurse from Illinois! You would think there would be more of us considering the population of our state!

    Anyone else out there? Hellooooooo!
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    Not from Illinois, but currently working here.
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    Almost a student nurse from IL
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    Another student nurse from Illinois!
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    Woohoo! This is cool! I've been away from the computer for a day or two and come back to find yet another neat thing on this BB. Cool beans Brian!

    I too am from Illinois. Chicago to be specific. Anyone else form Chi-town?

    Where in Illinois is everyone working/going to school? I've taken some time off, but plan on going back to do agency in a month or two. Enjoying the heat and sun right now!
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    I live in Southern Illinois. Prefer not to give the exact city, if ya know what I mean....LOL. Worked in LTC for 4 years, but I quit almost 4 weeks ago. Took some time off to spend with my kids but since school starts tomorrow guess I'll be job hunting soon.
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    I am not from Chicago, but love to shop there. My sister-in-law lives in the Lincoln Park area, right near DePaul.

    It has been awhile (Christmas to be exact) since I had Garrett's popcorn. I love that stuff. Of course, I am now on the Atkins diet, so I couldn't eat it anyway!

    I live in the northeast part of the state, and am a school nurse. I started back to work today - bummer! It was a great summer!
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    I live in the northwest suburbs of chicago.

    Going to go to CLC's program
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    Originally posted by agent
    I live in the northwest suburbs of chicago.

    Going to go to CLC's program
    What prgram is that? What does CLC stand brain is dead!
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    Anyone live near Homewood?? That's my hometown.
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    live in Missouri go to school in Il figure Ill join both forums New student started actual nursing classes on Mon Aug 18th send me lots of good thoughts to get thru this


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