How do I get an Illinois nursing license ? - page 4

Hello, I am an RN in Florida and would like to relocate to Illinois soon. I want to get an Illinois RN license, but I don't know where to start. Will I have to take the NCLEX again??:uhoh3: Help... Read More

  1. by   joanekiser
    according to them...out of state applicants must submit a fingerprint card for the state police and FBI. "fingerprint cards are obtained fro this department/division"
    but don't rely on my information....rely on what IL has to's complicated for sure and i would not want to mislead you!
  2. by   hwilson04
    I spoke with someone at the IL department yesterday. Call them and they will send you a fingerprint card. Then take it to your local police station for prints. Send it back to the address for IL police dept on the back of the card. (the application tells you otherwise but I was told they changed where to send the cards in Sept. and haven't updated the application). you will need to send in the card with a fee of $39.25 I believe. You may be on hold for up to 30 min when you call so be patient. Good luck
  3. by   maimai47
    I live in roselle, il. Hows it going with ur license?
  4. by   joanekiser
    hello! i just sent mine in on 11/28 certified mail...they cashed the check IMMEDIATELY (so i know they at least opened the mail...) and then got a letter from the director stating they are doing everything posible to expedite the process. so obviously they know they have a problem....otherwise......i sit and wait...thanks for checking in!
  5. by   okabobel
    So I currently live in Wisconsin and have a license in Wisconsin. How do I go about getting a license in Illinois? Does anyone have the link to the form or application? I am so confused by there website!!