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My question to all of you that applied for this year, what is your GPA?I am trying to find out how competitive the program is this year. The waiting game on the acceptance letter is killing me and I... Read More

  1. by   Me1107
    Hello everyone!!! I was looking up comments for niu and im glad i found this. So i applied last year to Niu and i was placed on the waiting list for spring. I then received an acceptance letter to begin Jan 2012 however i was unable to start because i had just had a baby. Nursing staff told me to reapply for fall so i did and i just got a denial((. I didnt even get on the waiting list! Im so bummed i def thought i wud at least get on the waiting list. The letter says to reaply for next yr i wonder what the chances r ill get accepted next fall? Any ideas?
  2. by   Secretariat
    so sorry to hear that - just does not make any sense. I would call the school and find out what happened - they should be able to fill you in with some information I would guess. Still waiting on my end for a response.
  3. by   Me1107
    Thanks i will def call and find out. I was thinking the same thing i just dnt understand why they wudnt at least take me next spring:-( ill emailed Brigid hopefully i hear from her tmro
  4. by   willow7
    Quote from Secretariat
    Awfully quiet on the thread today......anyone heard anything yet?
    Most of the talking seems to have shifted over to the facebook group. :P Quite a few people from the thread, including myself, were accepted. There are also some still waiting on their letters too, so come join us! Here's the link to the group if you'd like to join us and chat:
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  5. by   Secretariat
    Sent in the request - hope it works out!
  6. by   Aspiringnurse13
    Hi Reese2012,
    Did you ever get accepted at NIU nursing program? I also got an overall GPA of 3. and accuplacer of 94.