For those awaiting acceptance letters from Northern Illinois University - page 19

My question to all of you that applied for this year, what is your GPA?I am trying to find out how competitive the program is this year. The waiting game on the acceptance letter is killing me and I... Read More

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    Thank you, I appreciate your positivity. I guess I'm not so much worried about my GPA as I am the number of pre-reqs completed. You have to have a minimum of 5 completed and when I applied, that was exactly what I had. Since I applied in Novemer, my grades from fall weren't included. A&P I and A&P II counts only as ONE class, not two. Since I only have A&P I completed, that didn't even count towards the number completed. I also had chemistry lecture completed, but not lab (which I'm in right now) so that also didn't count towards the number completed.

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    Megs ~ Let us know if you get your letter today
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    Have you gotten your letter yet, Megs?!?!
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    It's so close now! If the letters really do go out at the end of this week, it's possible we'll know late this week (depending on the day they go out) or early next week. I'm so freakin' nervous! I'm just trying to concentrate on my current coursework so that I stop obsessing over it. :P
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    If they go out Thursday, we could get them on Friday or Saturday! I don't live too far from Dekalb so it may only take 1 day to arrive!
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    Hello All,
    I am too, also awaiting to see if I get into the program for this year. I am really nervous to check my mail.
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    AlePeace, are you a transfer as well?
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    When we do begin to receive our envelopes please advise as to whether or not it is a standard envelope or BIG one
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    I've been wanting to know that as well! If letters were sent on Thursday then I think our freshmen applicants on here should get their letter today!! Let's hope ours go out in just a few days!!
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    I made a facebook page for anyone who wants to join ~
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