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Hey Guys/Girls, I thought I would start a thread for those of us who have applied for the Fall 2013 Nursing Program at the City Colleges of Chicago. Please post if you have any info on when... Read More

  1. by   TNT365
    Has anyone heard of that the Financial Aid telling students that you are unable to take out student loans if you already have students loans of $15,000 or more?
  2. by   rem1997
    Quote from xshutterfly
    can anyone tell me the name of the book we need for Nursing 101 at Malcolm X? I heard it was out in the bookstore already but I haven't had time to stop by there to check.
    Cravens fundamentals of nursing 7th edition
  3. by   Ldya1492
    Is anyone taking any other classes with Nursing 101? I'm contemplating what to add to be considered full time but I don't want anything that's gonna be too
    overwhelming and Ive took all the prereqs.
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  4. by   TNT365
    I am at Daley for Nursing 101. With that class I am taking Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.That makes me fulltime. Hopefully I dont hang myself. Lol

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