BSN or ADN in The Chicagoland area

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any insight. I have a BA in sociology and after 20 years of working in marketing, I have decided to go back to school for nursing. Am I wondering what is the best degree to go back for an ABSN, BSN or ADN? Does it matter if I get a BSN vs an ADN? TIA!
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  3. by   SuburbsGirl
    Well a ABSN and BSN are the same thing. (Assuming ABSN is just accelerated.)

    With a Bachelor's already, the ABSN route is a good route, but those schools typically can be expensive.
  4. by   Katbas
    Yes, the ABSN and BSN is much more expensive than the ADN route. That is why I am asking. Is there a difference in positions or pay between a BSN and an ADN?
  5. by   futureRNdiamond
    It really depends. Most of the hospitals here either only hire BSN or ABSN trained nurses or they prefer them. There a still a few hospitals that hire ADN but they expect you to eventually get the BSN.
  6. by   Mkakids
    I'm in the south burbs (just applied into Moraine valley ADN program for fall 2017 and waiting to hear back)... I went the ADN route because the hospitals near me (Christ, Little Company of Mary and Palos Hospital - all within 10 minutes) all just specify that you must have graduated from an accredited program on their job listings.

    They do not specify that BSN is required, nor do they say it is necessary within so many years. Advocate hospitals do, as of now, offer some tuition assistance should you want to return for a BSN. I do want to eventually get the BSN (I currently have a BA in a non related field) and am hoping to eventually be employed by Advocate so I can utilize their tuition assistance to bridge to BSN.

    Now if you want to work at Rush, Loyola or UIC, you may need to have BSN first....I'm not sure.

    Good luck!!