BSN only hospitals?

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    I'm starting to apply for nursing positions (will be graduating with my ADN in May) and was wondering if there are any hospitals you know of for sure that are only hiring BSN RNs? Since the application process is rather lengthy for many of these hospitals, I'd rather not waste my time if they aren't going to hire me anyway. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you all know of anywhere that definitely hires ADNs or new grads that'd be a big help as well! Thanks!

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    Northwestern Memorial only hires BSN nurses. I think most of the magnet hospitals only hire BSN to keep their magnet status, but I could be wrong about that. Enrolling in a BSN program might be beneficial to build up your resume and allow you to compete with BSN new grads. Hope that helps and good luck with the job search!
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    Advocate Christ & Hope Children's Hospital are only hiring BSNs because of their magnet status.
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    Rush is only hiring BSNs.
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    I had a friend just get hired at Rush. She has her ADN but a bachelor's in another field, plus 5 years ICU experience.
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    Rush Medical Center does have on their website that they will hire ADN if you have a bachelor's in another field. Rush Oak Park said they are only hiring BSNs at this time.
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    Thanks so much for all the feedback! I never dreamed it'd be such a struggle to find a job after nursing school!
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    What area of IL are you in?

    I know of many hospitals that will hire ADN's (but most of them also expect that you will be continuing your education to get BSN). I just graduated in December and applied to every hospital I could think of because the job market is so pitiful right now.

    Here's a few I know of off hand...

    Silver Cross & Provena St. Joe's ( St Joe's prefers BSN or be enrolled in RN to BSN program) -both in Joliet
    Ottawa Regional
    IVCH in Peru
    St Mary's in Kankakee
    Adventist in Bolingbrook
    RML in Hinsdale

    So, they ARE out there, just depends what area you're looking for. Even though you haven't yet finished your ADN, it doesn't hurt to also look around at where you could go for your BSN because most employers ask what your future plans are for your career and it's always a good thing to say you're going to get a higher degree.

    The job market is ****** as I'm sure you realize so if you get a decent offer I say TAKE IT! I have friends who graduated last May who STILL don't have steady jobs or a job at all. So I say APPLY EVERYWHERE and go on as many interviews as you can!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    that's a HUGE help! thanks!! I'm going to be living in the Naperville area, so most of those would work just fine. I'll give it a shot and see where it takes me, thanks!
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    Jessica, how has the job search gone? I also live in the Naperville area and got my ADN from COD in May. In fact I know several Jessica's so I may even know you! Any luck yet and if yes, any tips?

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