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  1. CP.60RN

    Pre-Employment Drug Screen - Benzo RX OK?

    Thank you so much! Love what you are saying. Could you be so kind as to scroll up and read my response to the first respondent and let me know if any further thoughts come to mind? Much gratitude.
  2. CP.60RN

    Pre-Employment Drug Screen - Benzo RX OK?

    Thanks for response! 1) I have abstained. Last dose was 0.25mg Wednesday bedtime so I will have 108 hours abstinence before test. 2) I ordered those “Easy at Home” urine tests from Amazon. 300ng detection level which is federal standar...
  3. Hello, I’m posting here because I suspect you very kind people will have the definitive answer. I am taking a pre-employment drug screen at a hospital in a few days and it just occurred to me I have a PRN prescription for Clonazepam, low do...
  4. Dudette, this information is extremely valuable. Thank you for doing the work and sharing it with me/us. Tim
  5. CP.60RN

    New Grad RNs - Don't give up.

    Great post, Jane!
  6. Awesome reply! Thanks.
  7. CP.60RN

    New Grad RNs - Don't give up.

    Inspiring story Nurse Jane, thanks for sharing it. Best wishes to you. Also, a post regarding the important things you learned about interviews would be a great additional contribution to all of us.
  8. I know I can probably dig this up on the internet but thought this question appropriate for the experienced RN population that reviews this forum. I live in IL. License expires 5/31/2012. Being that I am not currently employed how would I determine w...
  9. CP.60RN

    BSN only hospitals?

    Jessica, how has the job search gone? I also live in the Naperville area and got my ADN from COD in May. In fact I know several Jessica's so I may even know you! Any luck yet and if yes, any tips?