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by omgitskayc

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I was wondering if anyone has take the 11 month LPN course offered at Beck Area Career Center in Red Bud, Illinois? I am thinking about taking it but I haven't really heard any reviews on it (positive or negative). My friend... Read More

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    Hello! Any ideas on how to prepare for the interview?

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    Hi there!It's not very formal, just a one on one so they can talk to you about your expectations and theirs. They might ask if you have any medical background (CNA, etc.) or why you want to go to Beck, or where your career goals lie, that sort of thing. Just dress professionally and relax and be yourself. Good luck!
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    It went great! Now, I have to wait until the end of October for their answer..let's see. )
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    Let us know when you get your acceptance letter! ;D
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    Hi guys! I know the thread is kind of old but I was just wondering what you studied to prepare for the entrance exam? I've already been through first semester of a registered nursing program so I kind of know what to expect. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated! thank you!
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    The entrance exam for Beck is basically like a standard GED test, unless the new director has changed that, too.