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I wasn't sure if there were LPN programs in Illinois...Do they offer any at the hospitals or just the colleges? Where? Thanks for any direction on this. :wavey:... Read More

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    Harper college in Palatine, IL has a program. You can get your LPN and then bridge to RN if you choose to. The pre-req's are the same though.
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    Prarie State has a great LPN program, a friend of mine just graduated and is in the process of bridging to RN. She has nothing but great things to say about Prarie State. Good Luck!
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    Illinois Central College in East Peoria has an LPN program
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    There is an LPN program offered at Beck Vocational College in Red Bud,IL. It is located in Southern Illinois.
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    Also, South Suburban College offers LPN.
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    Yes capitol area is a good school. LLCC also has a good LPn program.
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    I just started in Springfield at CASPN Tuesday.
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    Hi all, I found this link while I was looking for some LPN program info, figured I'd post it here too.
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    Americare Institute in Schaumburg IL has a fantastic LPN program. I am a current student and absolutely love it. They are also in the works for gettting their RN program approved, so hopefully within the year they will have their bridged program up and running Hope this helps!
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    Is any body interested lpn evening class at caspn??????????????
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    I was interested in night classes at CASPN, but when I called they didn't have enough people so they are not continuing it this year, so I have to wait two years for the LPN program at LLCC and take all the pre-reqs first I wish there were more choices around Springfield for LPN!