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Hi! I was wondering if anybody work for alexian brothers medical center in elk grove and if gone through the nurse residency program there. How do you like the program? Pros and cons? How long is... Read More

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    Approximately what percentage of nurses are hired onto units after the program? I'd like to apply but If only 2 of say 10 nurses are hired afterwards it is not such great odds. Are they only hired into med/surg or rehab?

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    I had applied a year ago I think. I did not get in, but had a nice email convo with someone there after they let me know. I asked how many got in. They said only 4 for the whole shabang. I thought sheesh. That's not many for such a big system.

    They just merged with Ascension. Lots of turmoil probably, I am waiting to hear about nursing layoffs even though they say there won't be in the articles I've read. Not that I am aware of any but, usually there is some reorganizing with these things.

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