Let's talk $$ for hospice. (Idea lifted from Agency nursing)

  1. RN or LPN
    City or State
    $ per visit
    $ per other
    $ to be on call
    mileage Y/N
    other comments?

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  3. by   SuzieVN
    Correction- the idea is posted in Home Health Nursing.
  4. by   pfeliks

    On salary. 65,000 as a case manager
    The rare times I am on call:
    5.00/hour,45 dollars for a visit, 145 dollars for an admission
    0.45 cents a mile
  5. by   SuzieVN
    Wow. That's far more than I expected to see.
  6. by   pkateRN
    RN in an inpatient unit, not on call. in Ohio. 27 an hour, one dollar shift differential which makes it 28 an hour. I just started last week, came from a rehab facility.
  7. by   Ginger's Mom
    $65k in Ma is low for an experienced hospice nurse, not a great salary.
  8. by   jeannepaul

    Texas= 67,600
    mileage=44 cents
    $2.00an hour to be on call.
  9. by   Stella1688
    I work full time in CT $35/hour, don't usually have to take on call but anything over 40 hours is time and a half
  10. by   Stella1688
    Oops I forgot to say I am an RN and mileage is 0.55, but we do have a high cost of living and gas prices
  11. by   lovinlife11
    Arizona, per diem $34, $.55 per mile.
  12. by   hmiller621
    $21/hr otherwise
    $3/on call
    50 cents per mile
    we have a about 20 pts that we see 2x/week and on call one weekend day a month
  13. by   spectrabrite
    got my LVN last july, worked assisted living for a short while, been in hospice just short of my 90 day review now and love it

    CA = 19 / hr (40hr a week)
    mileage = 53 cents
    $2.00 / hr to be on call mon 5p - fri 830a

  14. by   aklohr
    LPN-continuos care Maryland

    23.50 per hour
    .56 per mile
    On-call pay is same as regular pay
    Work 3 12 hour nights