Let's talk $$ for hospice. (Idea lifted from Agency nursing) Let's talk $$ for hospice. (Idea lifted from Agency nursing) - pg.2 | allnurses

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Let's talk $$ for hospice. (Idea lifted from Agency nursing) - page 2

RN or LPN City or State $ per visit $ per other $ to be on call mileage Y/N other comments? Thanks... Read More

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    Chicagoland IL
    $27.50/hour salary ($57k) case manager Mon-Fri
    Backup on call aprx 3 days month $2/weekday, $4/weekend beeper time
    $65 for the visit if called out
    I think we're around $0.48 per mile
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    Phoenix, AZ
    $35.00/hour FT RN case manager
    rarely take call, but only $5/hr to answer phones. Going out would be 1.5 time if 40 hours worked that week, sometimes comp time is given.
    probably around .45 mile or so
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    $26.75/hour (non-profit agency)- Case Manager
    On call- $12.00/hour if no calls, then regular wage if called out (including drive time).
    Mileage $0.47/mile
    M-F, 0800-16:30
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    Inpatient hospice unit,
    full-time day shift, (3 12's/week)
    with 16+ years exp (though returning from psych to hospice with a five year break since last working hospice = they get to start me LOOOOW)= $30/h;

    full-benefits at a "reasonable rate" and 401K@ 100% employer match, education reimbursement.

    O/T HIGHLY "frowned" upon...though obviously time and a half for over 40h/wk.

    Supposed to be eligible for a wage increase with first evaluation...rally hoping I can at least get back up to the $33 I was pulling in psych, since this job is infinitely more challenging! We shall see...honestly? In this economy? I feel damned blessed simply to have a good paying job, WITH BENE's, working for a company which may be as corrupted as the others but really values treating it's employers with a great degree of respect. That is the biggest change since my last position. That company treated us horribly and never let a week go by without reminding everyone where the door was...
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    Just got my 90 day review raise

    now I am at $20 / hr

    Quote from spectrabrite
    got my LVN last july, worked assisted living for a short while, been in hospice just short of my 90 day review now and love it

    CA = 19 / hr (40hr a week)
    mileage = 53 cents
    $2.00 / hr to be on call mon 5p - fri 830a

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    I take call 4-5 x per month and get an hourly rate of $4.75 and then time and a half for phone calls or visits
    We get the IRS rate for mileage

    OREGON does not allow pay per visit nursing.
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    I am not in Anchorage but,
    fed reimbursement for mileage
    union job
    4-6 shifts of oncall/mo
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    10 yrs Rn in ICU, 1 yr hospice
    25/hr during office hours
    36/hr on call
    2/hr on call to carry beeper
    No benefits as it is a "temporary position"....
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    On call $40/night (7pm-7am)
    On call weekends $50/day
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    RN case manager $30/hr. (25+ yrs experience)
    Approx 17 days PTO time first year
    $2/hr to take call, although I choose to work every other Saturday instead of taking call.
    Gas $ 0.46/mile.

    Took a paycut from $80,000/yr as a DON in LTC & don't regret it for one minute. My b/p is back to normal & my family likes me again.
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    $31/hr M-F 8-4:30, 80hr/2wk
    $2 plus change to carry the beeper and then time and a half to go out
    Call one night during the week, approx every 8th weekend and one holiday a yr
    IRS rate for mileage
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    Rhode Island
    RN on-call

    Sun-thurs 5p- 8a. $75,000/ year with a $1500 sign on bonus.
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    Weekend on call. $31 per hour for all hours worked 8a-11p. For on-call after 11 pm I get $5/hr plus $140 per visit and $175 for a complex visit.
    Mileage 50 cent per mile.
    Full benefits and vacation