Finished my first week as a hospice nurse

  1. and wow. I can't believe ho much I like it so far. In my frist week I was on the road doing visits with my awesome preceptor. We got 2 admissions, a pronouncement and a few revisits. We also take some palliative cases to take the oad of the regular home health side of the company.

    They are all paper and the paperwork is extensive. They lost their previous nurses due to the paperwork. besides the director who sees patient and my supervisor who sees patients, there is another nurse who has been there for 6 weeks and comes from another company and is quite seasoned and she is about to quit due to the paperwork.

    I swear, I will not let the paperwork get to me!

    Just wanted to share how I am so impressed with the whole hospice team and care. It's a great field to give patients attention and one on one care. It's mostly teaching and support, which I love.

    So far, so good......
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  3. by   tomc5555
    I love working with the Hospice nurses who visit my clients. They are so supportive and caring.
    Best wishes on your new job.
  4. by   tinagoconnor
    There is a lot of paper work, but I think of it as a necessary part of getting to do my ministry as a hospice nurse. Good for you for the determination to carry on with this very important part of life: helping people die a good death and supporting the family as they let go of the one they love.
  5. by   JBingo
    These boards are so valuable to me for the real world stories and experiences of so many fantastic nurses and students. I absolutely love your story! I am a student and my goal is to become work as a hospice nurse. I love, love, love that you are having a positive experience and you seem to have an awesome personality and outlook even with lots 'o paperwork. Congrats on your job and I'd like to see more posts from you as you work there.
  6. by   lumbarpain
    Bless you for your dedication and great work/interest in helping these poor souls in their last days. I couldnt do it. I tried but I found that I am a healing Nurse and always was striving to get my Hospice patients back on the Life Road again and hopefully OFF Hospice!!!! But I knew in some ways it was futile so I left . Good that there are certain Nurses for certain Specialties.....thats the Best.!!!
  7. by   tewdles
    Electronic documentation can really reduce the time and burden of charting in hospice...the paper chart is problematic, IMHO.

    Hospice nursing is a very rewarding but challenging career path. Take good care of yourself. Establish excellent boundaries and selfcare routines.

    Good luck!
  8. by   merlee
    Boundaries are extremely important. DO NOT give ANYONE your personal phone number. Not ever, not once. No matter what. Trust me on this.

    Make certain that you have some outside interests or hobbies. Maintain good relationships with your friends and family.

    Enjoy your your new position, and best wishes!
  9. by   MomRN0913
    Thank you everyone! I definitely know I need to maintain boundaries. I was told by my preceptor not to give out my cell. After being in the micu, and keeping patients alive who shouldn't be, I am glad I have the opportunity to ease their pain and give them a level of dignity at the end of their life.It's a busy day, but a good busy. I come home every day to my 4 and a half year old daughter, her being my main hobby. I do love to exercise and I need to find a way to put it back into my life more than once a week with my new job.Our hospice said they will probably never go to computer. The other nurse came from a place with e charting and she said you wouldn't have to find or figure out which papers to fill out, it would direct you where you needed to go. Oh well. I'll figure it out. Thank you again, it feels good to feel like a nurse again, and outside of the hospital.