Do many hospice patients also have continuous G-tube feedings?

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    When I worked in hospice many years ago, I was told that continuous G-tube feedings were not allowed for hospice patients. I now work in LTC and the majority of our residents on hospice are also on continuous G-tube feedings. I guess things have changed over the years in regards to hospice care.

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    At our hospice, the patients with G-tubes were admitted with them. We won't make them stop using the g-tube but will only pay for the formula if it is the patient's only source of nutrition. If a patient stops eating, or progresses to the point that they cannot swallow, we consider g-tube insertion to be aggressive treatment.
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    It may depend on where you are and the hospice program. Hospice in my area will not admit pts with a G tube.
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    I have had pts with them and we continued with it until they could not tolerate the food.
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    I haven't seen many g/j tube feedings but some diagnoses almost require them like esophageal CA.

    LTC facilities have their own ethical issues and business considerations.
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    Each case is SO different. I've only seen ALS pts and head/neck CA pts with feeding tubes.
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    I currently have a new CVS pt with a G tube.
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    Quote from Kabin
    I currently have a new CVS pt with a G tube.
    New patient or new stroke?
    How long has the GT been in?
    Has the family discussed the goals of care relative to that tube and the artificial nutrition?
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    It's a new hospice admission, lives in group home. Just adding another anecdotal case for the OP.
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    Every single esoph Ca patient that I have cared for in hospice with a GT regretted having it place...every one.
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