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Weird, bizarre, peaceful or totally memorable occasions that you observed death, any stories? I don't mean to be morbid or anything but I am looking for ways to improve our service in the ICU and put togheter a folder and info.... Read More

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    I have been a hospice nurse for 10+ yrs, starting out as a continuous care nurse then moving on to a case manager, when i did continuous care mostly it was at night 12am to 8 am. The one I remember the most was a younger man in his late 40's with Liver CA. I spent almost every night with him and his family for 6 weeks. He had 3 kids in high school, all lived at home, His wife was amazing caring for him day in and day out, he was actually on service with us for 3 YEARS. He had been declining steadily for the last couple of weeks but there was no indication that his death was imminent. The morning he passed away i was getting ready to leave and my car wouldn't start. He and I had done our usual routine that morning. So as I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive I went back into the house was having a cup of coffee with his wife and she checked on him, his condition changed suddenly and he passed away while I was there. His wife and I said that was just like him to do it while i was there to help his wife and the kids were gone to school.
    That wasn't the strange part.... I went to his calling hours, his wife introduced me to an old friend of theirs, and was telling him about my car not starting etc. He asked me what was wrong with the car.... It was the wiring and the distributer cap needed to be replaced. He just stared at me like I had 2 heads, then he said when they were younger (the pt) would unhook the distributer cap of people they were partying with so they wouldn't drive drunk. was it just a wierd coincidence or did the pt want to make sure I was there at the time he left his family?
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    stories like yours "by Marties" just make me wonder! thanks for sharing!
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