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I am looking for information regarding Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from anyone who has cared for a hospice patient with this disease. I have my first patient with this disease and want to be able to give her the best care/comfort... Read More

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    I know of 3 persons dx with terminal neuo diseases 2 months to 2 years post gastric bypass surgery. We were just discussing this a coupke weeks ago at work. None have Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, one was unspecified aggressive nuero, 2 are/were MS diagnosis. Not sure there is a relationship, but in my small world their appears to be someything.
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    I am no hospice nurse, just interested in the topic but found some interesting articles related to this discussion.

    Apparently there has been a correlation between neurological disorders and gastric bypass. This article notes how it could be due to vitamin deficiancies. --- Gastric Bypass Surgery Linked To Neurological Conditions, Study Suggests

    This one is a more reputable source noting the vitamin deficiancies and neurological issues--- JAMA Network | JAMA Neurology | The Neurological Complications of Bariatric Surgery

    I know its not exactly related but found it somewhat interesting to see this correlation. I would like to find out if the vitatmin deficiancy relates to creutzfeldt jakob disease at all.