Baby Angel Babcock - have you experience this?

  1. I read the following this morning on Good Morning America about baby Angel Babcock:

    Angel's mother, Moriah Babcock, 20, father Joseph Babcock, 21, and two siblings Jayden and Kendall were found dead in the same field as the toddler Friday afternoon. Angel's grandmother told ABC News that when she let her granddaughter go Sunday afternoon, she knew the baby girl was going in the arms of her father."We were all around the bed, I had my hand on the side of her, and I reached for her hand, and was holding her hand," Babcock said. "I don't know what made me let go but she put her arms straight up, she was daddy's little girl. So daddy picked her up and took her. The whole room seen that. He was just like, standing in front of her. She wanted to go with daddy."

    I'm very interested in becoming a hospice nurse, so I've been doing a lot of research. I've read several times how some people who are very close to dying reach out or act as if a loved one is there with them. Am very interested to hear if anyone has witnessed something like this. Thank you
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  3. by   momof2guys
    I have been working in hospice for many yrs and seen similar pre death activity. I had one lady that was unresponsive for 3 days a few hrs prior to her death she opened her eyes and had the prettiest smile that I've ever seen. She was "talking to William", now her husband that preceeded her by 5 yrs was Mr Henry not William. Later pre dtgs question her brother concerning this brief "awakeimg
  4. by   momof2guys
    Sorry, finishing story. Pts brother stated " William was her 1st husband, he died due to car accident 6 wks after they married". Apparently she never spoke of this to her girls. Patient was talking to William who was waiting for her? The girls were up set that she did not call out to their dad, our chaplain had his work cut out for him
  5. by   ws582
    What a cool story! Thank you for sharing.
  6. by   allforthekidds
    I had followed a story a couple of years ago of a young girl who had cancer. The cancer had spread to her lungs and there was nothing else the doctors could do. When she took her last breath her mom said she reached up, her mom knew the angels came to get her.
    In my opinion, this is beautiful testimony to the afterlife
  7. by   rita359
    Many life after life books out there suggesting that pts who code and are resusitated often experience seeing loved ones on the other side. Sceptics will never find "research" to prove this but I don't think it isn't a provable thing. While alive how does one prove an afterlife. We will only truely know once we die. There is enough written about this to confirm for me a life after life(heaven by faith) and some that seems to confirm hell for some.
  8. by   merlee
    My dad also sat up and reached out to ??? the day before he died. I was there when it happened.
  9. by   NayRN
    In December 2010 my son was just a couple of weeks old. My father in law, John, who had always had a close relationship with my two older children, was mostly unresponsive, on hospice care for prostate cancer with mets. He never had the chance to meet the new baby, but a couple of days before he died he came to "visit."
    It was 3 am, and I was up for a feeding with the baby. The living room where I was sitting was dark, but the hallway light was on, and out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed the shape of a large man moving across the open space leading to the hallway. I wasn't afraid, and when I looked in that direction, I saw nothing. I attributed this event to lack of sleep due to having a newborn, and I took an extra nap the following day.
    The next night, it happened again. Same time, same way.
    I spoke to my husband about it, and we discussed it maybe being John coming to see the baby, or to see my husband, who had not been to see John either. My husband went to see him the next day, the rest of the family was already there. John died less than 24 hours after my husband's arrival.
    This is a little different than most stories of moment of death, or after death experiences, but I think maybe in that twilight between life and death sometimes people have a chance to tie up loose ends.
    I am not a religious person, but this experience really made me wonder.
  10. by   Esme12
    Right before my Grandma passed away, I slept at her bedside. Every Night my Mom talked to my Grandfather and long passed relatives...all night long. On the night she passed away, my Grandfather was there once again. Happily chatting away for a couple of hours my Mom finally told my Grandfather that it was time to go to bed, she went to sleep with a smile on her face......she never woke up. Her and my Pap went home together.
  11. by   ws582
    Thank you for sharing. Those are wonderful stories.
  12. by   xoemmylouox
    When my husband's mother was dying she frequently talked to those who had passed away before her. This went on for months until she died. She would have whole conversations, but at the end of them she would always say no I am not going yet or I'm not ready to go. His mother did not want to die and fought well past any of us thought she would.
  13. by   momof2guys
    I have multiple stories, hope not to bore y'all. On nights we worked each shift with 2 nurses, this normal night I had admitted a lady she was mostly responsive choosing when to talk and when she chose to she let her lips fly....very nasty speaking to any staff who dared to enter her room. Anyways she was awake for 3 days prior to progressing to an unresponsive state, during this time she had No family, No visitors or phone calls . It was soooo easy to feel sorry for her but we all have heard the saying " u reap what u sow". Apparently she was a difficult person. When she was very close to passing another nurse and myself was at bedside holding her hands so she would not die alone. At her moment she stiffened up and instead of the peaceful expression were so used to seeing she had an expression of total terror- sheer terror on her face. With out thinking We stepped back from her, not sure why. I've never experienced anything like that since and pray that I never will again, once was enough for me. I'm strong in my faith, this one event has stayed with me thru the yrs and I suppose it will until I die.
  14. by   ws582
    That gives me chills. It sounds like most of the deaths are peaceful. Is that right? I've been reading a lot of hospice care books and was wondering if it's unusual for people to suffer at the end like the lady you spoke of. I've worried about that going into this field.