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Not a bad day today... started back per diem today. 6 cases, all in the same township. Not my usual zip codes though, so I did waste some time and scheduled visits akimbo, instead of in a line like... Read More

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    Thanks for your feedback. I have already been interested in hospice care and I thought it would be in an inpatient setting. The idea of home hospice care is all new to me. I've only been a RN for a little over a year and part of me is unsure about being on my own so soon...but I really don't want to let go of an opportunity I have always wanted because of my fear.
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    I have a question: how do you move from hospital until the cases? You go with all you need in the car?
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    Here's my vent- today I was sent to a motel next to a topless bar (parking lot for thw bar is shared with motel) saturated with drugs and prostitutes and when I complained they made it seem like that type of environment is normal and I was told all the other nurses are going and do not have an issues. Feeling blah today. Then I was asked to open a noncompliant patient that is on drugs and refuses to follow any medical advice.
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    Comment to original post ;
    enjoyed your post !! But Never expect thanks for a job well done, they just give more work for you to do !
    That has been and continues to be my experience !!! Took me years to finally decide to slow down & say NO once in awhile.
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    I'm thinking about transitioning into home health nursing. I'm an RN, however I'm concerned because I have severe allergies and asthma and I'm worried that going into home with so many potential triggers will further exacerbate my illness. Any thoughts?