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Not a bad day today... started back per diem today. 6 cases, all in the same township. Not my usual zip codes though, so I did waste some time and scheduled visits akimbo, instead of in a line like... Read More

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    The "TOTAL" work hours are as long as it takes to complete visits, open cases,recert cases,discharge cases ( assessments) and make routine visits or prn visits. Then...complete Oasis, med sheets, careplan, orders,Braden scales,pain assessment forms forms and more forms...If patient cancels one day then squeeze him/her into the next or the next. Then there is driving time between patients, to labs, to office etc etc. Time for phone calls to Physical therapists,HHA,OT,Doctor blah blah blah...All for about 65,000/year base pay.Weekends,holidays etc included in hours to be worked. Piles of paperwork that never seem to end. Keeping track of 30 patients recerts, resumptions,discharges...lab dates. No overtime, straight salary...hours worked ENDLESS...Hospital nursing 8-12 hours, complete paperwork (notes on patients) admits ,discharges...labs, surgeries...etc etc..at designated hour punch out and go home. Nursing ahhhhhhhhhhh such an easy profession...anyone can do it. LOLOL

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    i have been in hh for a little over 3 months. i am already burnt out. i haven't done laundry or dishes but maybe once during that time...my family has to do it because my 40 hour week is really 50-60 hours.

    i just put in my 2 week notice. i hate being a quitter. i worked in the hospital for 4 years in med/surg, acu, pacu, and ed. at least when you were done with your shift you could go home and relax. there is no relaxing or a day off in hc.

    in fact, i have a day off today and there are 3-4 charts that i should be working on. but seriously, i not only need a day without work. i'm physically ill! i'm torn between taking some time to myself, cleaning. hell, i don't even put my clothing away, i just pile it up. this is not a life i want.
    good luck and god bless all you home health nurses. you are a tough lot and very much appreciated. you put in way too much work.

    i do love my pts and coworkers. but can't do it anymore.
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    I understand completely. And you are NOT a quitter! You realize this is not the life you want, and you are getting out now before you invest more time, effort, and frustration in the field.
    When I started HH nursing, I was part time, so had plenty of time to learn paperwork. Things have changed, and I need a full time job. It is taking over my life. Hoping our agency will get electronic charting. I've heard that helps greatly. If not, I may start looking around at other fields.
    Medicare rules and regs are just too much...and they are getting worse.

    Good luck to you!
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    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Very interesting. I have never done HH.

    HH nursing has always been a mystery to me.Thanks for opening a window to your day.
    You might want to consider something other than Home Health.
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    Daughter being treated very poorly by Home Health she works for. She was in office Case Manager for 4 months, then her manager left, same day management says they need her expertise in the field full time. First week in the field full time she has 3 patients to see, and she is not salaried, she is paid by visit. This does not include 2 hours to office and 2 hours home. Home Healtah stinks. Am a home health nurse, can't wait to get out of here.
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    Before ditching home health, look around at other agencies. Some pay a salary, or have a guaranteed minimum. And some agencies really value their nurses.
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    Which ones? I'm scared to swap because I don't know if one is better than the other?
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    Quote from hoolahan

    Just wated to share this one b/c of the ethical dilemma. What would you guys have done in my place?
    I think I would have called APS the same day. I agree with you that they could have done no more on that day but it covers your hiney and your agency's hiney. And lets face it, the woman really needs some help here.
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    You only know by asking, in detail, what their policies are. This would occur during an interview. Remember, this is not just them interviewing you. You should interview them. If they pay a salary, what is their productivity points requirement? Do they pay points for mandatory meetings? (I found this one out the hard way.) How often do you have to be on call? And insist on a minimum salary. I assure you, the managers interviewing you have a salary!
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    I really appreciated the posts here regarding what a HH Nurse's day looks like! Tomorrow I start a new adventure in home health with a well known company in my area. My last job was subacute nursing, caring for 9-11 vent patients per day........I'm used to daily surprises so, I feel like I'm up for the HH challenge

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