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Tracking devices?

  1. 0 I just heard from a Kaiser nurse who said that they now were being actively tracked with the gps devices in their phones and laptops and these are compared to their time cards.
    Does anyone else have this?
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    My supervisors have talked and kind of joked about it, but since we are non-profit...that's kind of at the bottom of the list! I think it would kind of feel like a dog on a leash, don't you? It's funny how a few people that abuse the system can ruin it for everyone I'll keep enjoying the freedom as long as I can!
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    They did an article in the paper when a local hospital became the first one to put tracking devices on their nursing staff. Several years later when I was hospitalized, I was told quite quickly by one of my caregivers, that everyone knew how to get around the devices. In some respects, this would be good for the entities that pay for home health care. I've met several nurses who think it is protocol to put down an entire shift on paperwork to get paid, when they are not within 10 miles of the patient's house.
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    The day management tries to put a tracking device on me is the day I hang up my stethoscope for good.

    'Nuff said.:angryfire
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    The day management tries to put a tracking device on me is the day I hang up my stethoscope for good.

    'Nuff said.:angryfire
    I totally agree. I put this up there with having to take responsibility for medication aides and competing with medication aides for my job. When any of these are forced on me, I will be permanently out of the work force.
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    My agency does not currently track us, although the point of care technology we use would certainly allow them to. A local chain ,Encompass, does track staff visits with their PDAs, I was told part of orientation is how to "tweak" the system
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    sorry if this comes up as a repeat, you know how your computer just sends things!!! ok...what i was saying is that i have heard that amedysis has this system in place,,,now i am NOT trying to cheat any system, but i don't want to be track for every move i make,,,if i choose to run home to use the bathroom or stop at a store on my way to next visit, i think we should be able to do that, most agencies are paid per-visit anyway, so as long as you get you patients seen, paperwork in on time etc...let us be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Amedysis has a poor reputation anyway. Not surprised that they would be tracking their employees.
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    Wow. I do visits and as long as the patient gets seen and the paperwork matches the timesheets we're all good. I think if my agency did that they would loose all the RN's. No way would I put up with that...I love being able to do what I want inbetween patients! It's nice going to my childs school , or a doctor appt...eating long as my patients are taken care of that should be the end of it! wow....I am speechless...I couldn't imagine being tracked like that.
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    Our agency is going to gps tracking in the next year. We just found out it was approved in the budget. It is supposed to be easier for the nurses to track your own time electronically...but how can that be, since you have to log in/out and log time when you're on lunch and at a bathroom break?? I can't recall the system we're going to, but it apparently can see your idle time (stop lights, etc). It's programmed in our phones. And if there's a lab or something that needs to be picked up, the schedulers can log on and see who's in the neighborhood and TELL you to go pick up the specimen if you're around there.

    I might be looking for a new job if this really honestly goes live.
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    No thanks, I too would look for another job.
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    I am a Branch Director. I would fight my corporation if they wanted tracking devices for my field staff. Part of the draw of Home health is the autonomy of practice that it has. If their paperwork is turned in and the patients are happy and taken care of, I have no problem. Having been a field nurse I can assure you I would not have worked for anyone who tracked my every movement.