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At least half, if not 75% of my patients tend to be angry about having to have home health. Because I do so many OASIS admits and recerts I end up spending a lot of time in surly people's homes. I... Read More

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    I haven't participated in forums before so please bear with me. I have been nursing for about 20 yrs, more than 15 in HH accumulatively. Sure, some people resent our service but most of my experience has been very positive.
    I almost always seem to be able to establish a common ground with my patients....I'm married, a granddad, a vet, used to be a carpenter, bus driver, cook, you get the picture. I look for family pictures, ask a few questions about them, find out what my patient did for a living, grouse about the weather, talk about my wife's flower beds, anything that breaks the ice. It doesn't take long, usually as long as it takes to get all my paperwork lined up, the patient to get insurance cards out, that sort of thing. It usually works. When I do get a sour pus I suck it up, try to keep it light, get done and get on. Keep trying. There really is no better nursing niche than HH despite the HA's.

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    One of the worse experiences I had was when I was falling in for another nurse. I didnt know my patient had dementia and I came in and she didnt look at me and had her eyes glued to the tv. I introduced myself and she pushed my hand away. I go quietly in the kitchen to look at reports. Ahhhhh i see she has dementia well that explains it. Then I had to check her bloodsugars. The only pen she has is a pen ive never used before. There are no directions anywhere about how to use the lancet pen. So I go to her and try to use the pen, lancet doesnt work. She gets so angry at me and calls me incompetent etc etc. I felt mortified. I had to look up how to use this specific pen on internet and i got it right the next time but it was defintly an embarassing moment...
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    I have been doing part time HH for the better part of this year plus my hospital 12 hr shifts to compensate the difference. I really like the flexibility of HH and the extra time I have with my family. Even if it is just at home sitting on th couch charting with the baby. When I work in th hospital I feel more in command because the patient is in my territory. What I say usually goes and if they don't want anything I just chart "refused". In home health it seems like many patients don't want us there. They feel like we are a nuisance in there homes. This Is one of the worst parts of HH I think. There are more pros then cons I think and even on 12 hr shift I think there are a lot of pros and cons.
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    One of the hardest parts of HH is remembering you are in a person's home. They will usually act how they feel at the time and initial visits are usually the roughest. It's so hard to tell at the first visit if the client will benefit from HH, but they will often be more receptive at later visits.
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    In 2008 when this thread first started, OASS assessents were a new process started by MEdicare to quantify care provided nationally. That explains why so many previous patients were upset over those newfangled detailed questions.
    Quality of details and severity of patients illness both have imcreased since then till today.
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    More time with your family? Really??

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