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  1. Hi there. I'm a fairly new nurse with a year of experience on a skilled unit in a LTC facility taking care of dementia and Alzheimer's pts. I have been offered a job for home health through a small agency. I was offered $28 per visit with .35 mileage reimbursement. I just have a couple questions for those of you that have been in hh for awhile. One, is this offer pretty typical for the industry and are there any questions I need to ask before accepting the offer? Two do you think I am making a mistake going into home health after only a year of experience? I cannot stand the facility I'm at currently and need to make a change and really feel I want to do home health. Hospital are not hiring where I am (Colorado) and the only other option is other LTC facilities which I wouldn't mind, if I could get to a better facility and not have 30 patients by myself. I like the idea of home health and don't mind traveling. Is there any advice you could offer?
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  3. by   KateRN1
    Are you an LPN or RN? The visit rate is probably okay for an LPN but not for an RN. Find out what your productivity will be, i.e., how many visits do you have to do to be full time? What happens if you don't meet your productivity? Benefits? Inclement weather policy?

    If RN, ask about their OASIS training, if they use LPNs and how they are used. If you're an LPN, ask who you'll be reporting to and who does the case management. What is the policy on LPNs and orders--do they have to be cosigned?

    Read through the forums here and you will probably come up with a whole slew of questions that you'll want answered.
  4. by   caliotter3
    If you are an RN, that visit rate is low.
  5. by   nursenatalie6287
    I am an RN. What rate is usual?
  6. by   Marshall1
    I think the rate is over $30..but the two previous posters are the experts here. Their advice has helped me greatly in the past week or so..try to read through more postings in this forum and pay attention to their responses.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Thirty-five dollars an hour is about the average per visit rate for RNs.
  8. by   paddler
    As an RN I get paid $45 per visit and $55 for Admissions. I was told that I am at the top of our agency's pay scale though... and their RN per visit rate starts at $35. I don't feel even THAT is enough given the amount of "off the clock" time such as phone calls, charting, driving, Case Management, meetings, etc I don't get paid for at all. It also doesn't increase the more time I spend with a patient. I have a complex wound case that has taken me 2 hours, and I still get paid the same... which totally sucks. (I hate getting paid per visit, can ya tell?)

    $28/visit is way, way, way too low even for an inexperienced nurse! A year is a year, and that means you don't have to accept bottom of the barrel pay! Plus, with Home Health raises or Cost of Living wage adjustments are unheard of, even after a year or two with the company you will still be getting paid as a newbie, so once you agree to a rate you better be prepared to keep it indefinitely. Sell yourself! Talk yourself up! Make them aware you are worth it!
  9. by   nursenatalie6287
    Wow thank you so much for the Advice. I didn't realize that was so low. I have been going through the board and do have a few more questions before I accept the offer. I really think I would like home health from everything described but it seems like finding a good agency is the key.
  10. by   KateRN1
    Much of the pay scale depends on what area of the country you're in. I'm in NE Florida, LPN rates are around $35/visit, RN $40 per visit, $45 for high-tech (IVs, wound VACs, etc), I think $55 for recert or discharge, $75 for ROC, $100 for SOC--all PRN rates. Our full-timers are paid salary with total visit requirements of 30 units for RNs. SOC is 3 units, recert or ROC is 2 units, discharge is 1.5, straight visit is 1 unit.
  11. by   Isabelle49
    Wow, Florida pay is pretty good. In Southeast Louisiana, the visit rate for RN is $30, Recert $40, Admit $50. Actually these rates are less than what they were 9 years ago. My salary has decreased over the last 9 years in home health. BTW, the $30 visit rate is fixed, no matter how complicated the visit is as there is no additional compensation for IV, Wound Vac, etc .
  12. by   NPvampire
    WOW for Florida!!!! I'm in GA and it's $29 for RN here. $45 discharge/recert, $70 SOC. It sucks. I feel like I net $10 per hour with the actual time spent dealing with the job. I'm considering going back to hospital.
  13. by   KateRN1
    Our agency pays very well, I'm proud to say. We recognize the hard work that everyone does and try to compensate accordingly. Unfortunately, with the cuts to Medicare, I don't know that we'll be able to offer much in the way of raises.
  14. by   mommy1975
    Missouri $65 SOC, $45 RCT & DC, $40 visit, $65 ROC. Mileage reimbursement= 0.43/mile