New to Home health company and first paycheck bounced!!

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    I just started with this new home health company, been in business for 2 years, and my first paycheck bounced after I already deposited it, wrote out my own personal checks and it left me in the big time hole. When I called the administrator, I thought it was strange No apology, just let us look into it and we will get back to you. Then I drove to office and they still said they had to contact the owners and get back to me. Well finally the next day I got a new check, so I drove straight to thier bank and there own bank wouldn't cash it!! So I drove to Walmart, they wouldn't cash it, then I finally got Amscott to cash it! I talked to another employee who told me she had 3 bounce in the past year. Then when I talked to the office girl who does payroll she told me there is NO MONEY IN the account and the owners were looking to borrow money right at that moment. That is why they are doing direct deposit next pay day and i would get my money. Well needless to say, I AM NOT staying with this company, but was wondering what my course of action can be? I live in the state of Florida and just don't know how they are not getting in trouble by anyone for bouncing all these checks? How is this not a federal crime?

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    Good grief!!!!! What a mess!!!! I knew you had to be in Florida.( before you said you were from Florida). Call the labor board and see if they can help you. If not, sue them in small claims court. Good luck.
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    Thank you for your response, but just curious how did you know I was from Fla? Just wondering why you said that. Thanks
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    I live in Florida. It seems that whenever I read something unusual-it can be a story here at this site or something unusual at legal law sites etc. or even unusual stories in the newspaper. It seems that 90% of the time that it happened in Florida. For some reason, when I read your first sentence about a bounced paycheck my first thought was "She must live in Florida." I have lived here in Florida less than 2 years and things are different here in Florida compared to other states.
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    I knew just knew you were in fla or southeastern michigan. These are two areas that are overrun with home health agencies. Cash flow can be a little goofy at times in home care. I've been at well established agencies and had that happen but they been able to move money around to meet payroll or cover you the same day. You really should look for another place because of 1, you are in fla and 2. If they can't get money in a day or so, it's only going to get worse. The economy is bad , lines of credit are hard to come by and these younger agencies are often started by engineers who started the company with their Ford or GM buyout money. Good luck to you
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    This used to happen with more than one LTC facility where I used to live. Best thing you can do is to find a more solvent employer and warn anyone who is thinking of going with them.
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    Yeah, of course I am looking, but worried now, about my next paycheck that is due. I am just appauled (sp?) that this is not a federal crime and they are not being held responsible for this. A business should NOT BE allowed to do this to employees! We are ALL having hard times in this economy and all one paycheck away from loosing a home, a car, etc.... This should be stopped because I found out that last pay period 10 of thier checks bounced!
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    OMG what agency do you work for?

    An agency I worked for made loans to cover payroll. How strange. Never had a bounced check though.

    Run from them as fast as you can. I work for an agency that has many branches in Florida. Thely are, Senior Home Care - I hope there are offices in your area - I think they are very stable, they've owned the company I work for for over 5 years and never a problem with finances. Please keep us posted.
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    Quote from radrook
    I am just appalled that this is not a federal crime and they are not being held responsible for this.
    It is a Federal Crime and *you* need to hold them responsible. The biggest mistake people make is allowing the employer to get away with promises of pay instead of paying. It just strings along the employers ability to do this (floating checks). Immediately notify the employer in writing of unpaid minimum wages (the crime) and/or unpaid wages. A sample letter is at and your next step is US Dept. Of Labor Wage & Hour Division. And contact AHCA. They can't keep their license if not financially solvent.
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    Thanks, and I never thought about ACHA, I wonder if they would come check it out? But yes, next paycheck is this week, so I deff will let you guys know. I am holding my breath until then. And yes, Senior Home Care is big here and wonderful rep. I am looking around and hope to not hold my breath any more!

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