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making the 60 day calendar

  1. 0 Does anyone out there know how to SIMPLIFY the process of writing the 60 day episode calendar?? We use a blank 10 week calendar format and have to write in the dates for every square to make up the 60 days. With all the hand written paperwork, filling out these "squares" seems like a waste of time.
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    I'm confused, you actually make a calendar to count out the 60 day episodes (et 5 day recert period)? I work in a very small home health agency that isn't able to afford the really nice computerized charting so we do everything by hand (ugh). Anyways, we use the OASIS calendar offered on under OASIS, OASIS follow up assessment scheduling calendar. We do a monthly list of all pts who are up for recert and use that calander to plan their 60 days episodes.
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    No, I mean a "calendar" of 60 days for documenting how SN visits are made, 2w2, 1w1, etc
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    Do you have a records clerk or administrative assistant? Sounds like a low level task that could be delegated to the lowest paid staff person.
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    try using microsoft outlook and put in your specific dates. you can then print off a calendar for that time period.
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    I went in Excel and made a "spread sheet" of a 365 day calendar.

    looks like this

    1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7

    1/8 1/9 1/10 and so on. You only have to put in the dates for two weeks and then do drag down to fill in the dates for 52 weeks.

    then on page 2 I made a sheet with the 10 weeks of squares and other info that I wanted on like blank spaces for patient name, episode dates nurse, aid etc.

    then copy and past the 10 weeks that include your start and ending date and past them into the page.
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    I printed free printable calendars from the net. Don't need them anymore, HCHB does it for us after we fill in the provided calendar on the Android.

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