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    I am a new CNA (waiting on my state test middle of June). I have been hired on as a home health CNA from a local company and my starting wage is not all that good ($8.00 hr and 8.50 weekends) but it will work for now since they are working around my school schedule. My cases are in the same town that I live in (which is a short 15 minute drive from the North side of town to the South side, small town huh). My question is, what is the pay like in general (I know it depends on where you live) for a home health LPN. I am taking pre-requisite classes now for LPN but have not been accepted into the actual program yet. I just need some extra money as an LPN (married w/ 3 young kids) as I wait for a position in an RN class (still 3-4 yrs out, graduating class of 2014ish... see very small town, we all want to be RN's). My program for LPN will start this coming spring 09' and last for 10 months. I can be working as a LPN and gaining experience to hopefully help me along my RN route. Just curious if anyone here is a HH lpn? By the way, my agency does not have LPN work, is that the norm for HH?

    Long story I know, just seeing if anyone has any advice too.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    The hh agencies that I have worked for (both nationwide companies and local companies) have had a majority of LVN employees. The pay range that I have seen has been as low as $15 an hour to a high of $23 an hour. Usually the average starting pay is $18 an hour. I would say that the norm for hh shift work is LPN; for hh visit work is RN, if the agency is successful in getting enough RN employees. Many RNs (and LPNs) only do hh as a second, part time job and rely on a full time hospital job for their livelihood.
  4. by   liveyourlife747
    My agency in VA starts at $13.50 for one medicaid client (the only medicaid client we have) and $17.50 for day/evening shift and $19.50 fo nights on all other nursing cases. We have flexible schedules and normally stay an 8hr shift with one client. Good luck with your LPN!
  5. by   SakredStrega
    I'm an LPN and I'm north of Atlanta. We're paid per visit. Starting out, we get $20 per visit during the week and $23 per visit on the weekend.
  6. by   Rachel712LPN
    I've worked for 2 HHA and both paid $17/ hr for shift work and pay more for just visits. When I did home health as an aide I only made $8/ hr. Im in Ohio.
  7. by   msmiecey
    In texas the average pay for HH LVN is about 21-28 a visit depending on the payor source of the patient. I have a big enough patient load that I use it as my main job and work somewhere else for extra money.
  8. by   mickeymouse1205
    Here in Vegas As an LPN I get 35 per visit, but no mileage. I just deduct the mile at the end of the year. There are very few per hour positions here even for the RN's.
  9. by   Quiskeya
    I am going to start working HHC in the Cincinnati area. I was hired today and the start pay is $19/hr. I am new LPN. No previous experience, just got my license 2 weeks ago.
  10. by   tweetsLPN
    I work at 2 Michigan home health care agencies and get paid per visit. At agency #1 I get paid $33 per visit plus mileage at agency #2 I get paid $45 per visit no mileage
  11. by   Quiskeya
    That's great pay. The agency I work for pays 19 per hour or 35 per visit. The visits are called "skill visit", which means that you go for a quick assessment or straight cath or something for that matter. The $19/hr visit you are more like a sitter with a nursing license, there is not much to do with does clients. Thanks for your response.
  12. by   HappyHHNurse
    Does anyone know what the pay is with Maxim home health
    in Pensacola? (I heard a quote of $16-$17 an hour and that seems a bit low to me.) Thanks!
  13. by   raekaylvn
    I'm making $24 per visit plus mileage
  14. by   HappyHHNurse
    Thank you Rae, I appreciate the info. Do you like working for them, and have you worked with them for awhile?