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  1. Do you call the doctor EVERY time

    I think it depends on the relationship you have with the patient and his physician. On my longterm cases I will write an order for a UA or simple wound treatments like skin tears and always document everything, alot of my docs allow notes to be faxed...
  2. Anyone do VA Home Based Primary Care?

    through my home health care agency I see VA fee based cases...anything from wound care to care of a quad, they authorize the the number of hours authorized per cert period they pay the agency who inturn pays me the only problem that I am finding wit...
  3. LPN home health and wages..

    I work at 2 Michigan home health care agencies and get paid per visit. At agency #1 I get paid $33 per visit plus mileage at agency #2 I get paid $45 per visit no mileage
  4. I was with a home care company for 3 years and was recently let go as they were bought out by a corp and I was an atwill employee...anyway I had taken care of a young 28 year old quad since his injury and have become close to him and his family. Over...
  5. What's your pay for an LPN working HH? Just curious.

    I work for an agency in MI and make $35 per visit, an extra $10 for high tech visits(IV's,wound vac or large wounds,etc) and bonus $25 for visits on the weekend that are physician ordered. I also manage my own cases with the RN only comming out to se...
  6. Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    I am a LPN in MI for 27years, have worked in all areas, now do home care and love it! :)