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We have a quadriplegic patient that has home care aides for most of the day, the RN sets up his medications for the week and the aides put the medications in his mouth to swallow. I think they are also taking PRN medications out... Read More

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    At our agency, if a nurse sets it up, or the pharmacy sends it in a bubble pack, and the client is unable to put the meds in their mouth, then it is ok for the aide to give it. they should not give PRN meds. We had a client that we would give prn meds to as an aide, i never felt comfortable with it, but he became a full nursing case soon after.

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    Thanks for the replies....I called OH state board of nursing and they said if a patient is alert/oriented and asks for the medication, even right from the prescription bottle, to be placed in the patients mouth, then YES they are allowed to do Ohio.

    So I got my answer.

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