How many patients prefer no scrubs

  1. I was just curious how many patients perfer you to wear clothes vs. scrubs I have heard of it happening , personally I think the request is unreasonable when we are healthcare professionals and that is what we where its like a trademark almost for me , I feel "official" when I wear my scrubs as if I earned the privlege to wear them . I guess it doesn't matter and I understand patients don't want neighbors knowing they are sick . Whats your opinion???
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  3. by   caliotter3
    This subject has only come up once for me. I came into a case as the new nurse. There were several established nurses on the case, some had been with the patient more than 10 or 15 years. The patient's family made remarks to me concerning the fact that I was wearing uniforms. They were only putting me in my place because of the other nurses; they said that the other nurses didn't wear uniforms and they went along with that practice. I told them that my agency required uniforms and that they needed to tell my supervisors that they wanted me to change what I wore. I noticed quickly that everything went the way the other nurses wanted, no matter what, and that this was another way to make me feel unwanted. The attitude prevailed and eventually I left the case. No one has told me to wear street clothes because they didn't want people to know that nurses were coming to the home. They have, though, told me various things about where to park my car, depending on the reasoning.
  4. by   BrightEyes
    I can't remember any one of my patients asking me to wear street clothes, ever!! Seems like an odd request, can't imagine why they would even suggest it. I occasionally wear street clothes in the field, rarely though. Feel way more comfy in my scrubs!!
  5. by   Super_RN
    I've never had a patient address it. Our agency requires casual business clothes with a white jacket/vest over it. Our HHA wear a polo with our logo on it w/ khakis or black pants.
  6. by   allele
    I've never had anyone ask me to wear street clothes, but I have been asked why I prefer scrubs. I simply tell them they are more comfortable for the bending, stretching, etc. that I need to do in some homes. What I DON'T tell them is the state of some of the homes.....I would not want to wear my street clothes there. My scrubs are washed seprately even from my street clothes. I work is some less than hygienic areas, poorer neighborhoods, I'm just more comfortable in scrubs and crocs!
  7. by   kate64
    Hi - In a way I can very easily see home care patients wanting visiting nurses not to wear scrubs or a uniform that would "give away" their status as a "patient" to their neighbors or the outside world. Perhaps their are a few (especially elderly ones) who don't care that their neighbors know they're being seen by nurses. But I can imagine that some other patients, perhaps younger ones that are still working or out in the community value their privacy and a nurse coming in in street clothes could simply be seen as a relative or friend. Just a thought though.
  8. by   heartlover07
    I for one prefer to wear street clothes. My patients don't seem to mind, in fact I think they like it. I actually see the fact that I can wear street clothes as one of the "perks" of this job! Wearing scrubs makes me feel like I am in my pajamas all day, and my attitude adjusts accordingly
    So, that's my 2 cents
  9. by   dmdrn73
    I have had positive comments from patients about my wearing scrubs. I wear street clothes in the winter (heavy sweater because it gets COLD here) but for the most part I prefer scubs for my visits for reasons that have already been posted.
  10. by   HisTreasure
    We are supposed to wear street clothes out in the field. I haven't had it mentioned that we COULDN'T wear scrubs but nowhere in the policies is it mentioned that we are to wear scrubs. Our "uniform" typically is business casual, sometimes with a lab coat/scrub jacket, sometimes not depending on the location of the patient and whether it would be too obvious to onlookers that the patient is receiving nursing services. We do our best to protect the privacy of our patients. Our HHAs wear polos with khakis. The polos have our logo on them, but HHAs can be doing companionship services or light housekeeping or anything so their uniform alone does not elude to the presence of a special condition or major healthcare concern.
  11. by   dakotadenise
    Our dress code is scrubs or dress clothes and we almost always wear scrubs. In our small town, if you are getting visited by one of us, the neighbors know why, no matter what we are wearing!