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    What are other Home Health RNs getting paid "per visit" in Louisiana or surrounding areas? Admits/Recerts/Regular Visits/Mileage....etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    In Lafayette we get $70 for an OASIS admit, $60 for a non-OASIS admit, $45 for a recert/ROC or OASIS discharge, and $35 for a regular visit, $50 for an IV visit and $55 for a 2 hour IV visit. The weekend rates are $5 more than above. We get paid 42cents a mile.
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    In central Florida I get $80 for SOC, $60 for ROC, DC, and RECERT, $40 for reg visit and $0.50 per mile,
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    SOC $85
    R/C $45
    SNV $35
    ROC $52
    D/C $41

    High Tech visits are different. We get $0.49/mile.
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    I will be starting PRN in TN and was offered this:Hourly office rate: $24 Pay Per Visit Rates:$35 SNV$66 SOC/ROC$45 FU Do people think fu refers to follow up?
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    Hi [COLOR=#003366]jennle83[/COLOR], I know this is an old post but can you tell me what agency you work for in Central Florida? I live in the Orlando area and am looking for a good HH agency as per diem. Thank you
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    Chicago, I was offered 70 SOC, 60 recert, 50 visits. Can't remember dc. No mileage. But I took another job @ 70 SOC and recert, 45 all else. No mileage.
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    Baton Rouge: $50 SOC, $45 Recert/ROC, $30/reg visit. No additional compensation for extended visits or complicated visits. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Personally I refuse to do Labs on patients, because I am not going to drive around getting to a lab on my own time.
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    Nj. ....revisit = 41 ......soc =82.....recert=60.....$0.51 per mile
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    I did an admit yesterday, Sunday. Admit rate is $50, I spent 1.5 hours in the home and an additional 2 hrs on computer work, total of 3.5 hours. My hourly breakdown is less than I made per hour as a new RN grad 27 years ago. Got to love it!
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