Home Health RN Pay Per Visit HELP

  1. What are other Home Health RNs getting paid "per visit" in Louisiana or surrounding areas? Admits/Recerts/Regular Visits/Mileage....etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Lauren21b
    In Lafayette we get $70 for an OASIS admit, $60 for a non-OASIS admit, $45 for a recert/ROC or OASIS discharge, and $35 for a regular visit, $50 for an IV visit and $55 for a 2 hour IV visit. The weekend rates are $5 more than above. We get paid 42cents a mile.
  4. by   jennle83
    In central Florida I get $80 for SOC, $60 for ROC, DC, and RECERT, $40 for reg visit and $0.50 per mile,
  5. by   I<3H2O

    SOC $85
    R/C $45
    SNV $35
    ROC $52
    D/C $41

    High Tech visits are different. We get $0.49/mile.
  6. by   jenniferahrosen
    I will be starting PRN in TN and was offered this:Hourly office rate: $24 Pay Per Visit Rates:$35 SNV$66 SOC/ROC$45 FU Do people think fu refers to follow up?
  7. by   orionsbelt123
    Hi [COLOR=#003366]jennle83, I know this is an old post but can you tell me what agency you work for in Central Florida? I live in the Orlando area and am looking for a good HH agency as per diem. Thank you
  8. by   babs1963
    Chicago, I was offered 70 SOC, 60 recert, 50 visits. Can't remember dc. No mileage. But I took another job @ 70 SOC and recert, 45 all else. No mileage.
  9. by   Isabelle49
    Baton Rouge: $50 SOC, $45 Recert/ROC, $30/reg visit. No additional compensation for extended visits or complicated visits. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Personally I refuse to do Labs on patients, because I am not going to drive around getting to a lab on my own time.
  10. by   shefrn1
    Nj. ....revisit = 41 ......soc =82.....recert=60.....$0.51 per mile
  11. by   Isabelle49
    I did an admit yesterday, Sunday. Admit rate is $50, I spent 1.5 hours in the home and an additional 2 hrs on computer work, total of 3.5 hours. My hourly breakdown is less than I made per hour as a new RN grad 27 years ago. Got to love it!
  12. by   PedsRNCara
    Wow. California pays really well in comparison. My hats are off to you guys. Seriously.
  13. by   SPower82
    Chicago 65 soc 55 snv
  14. by   Suninmyheart
    Live in San Diego.

    SOC $100
    RV $65
    .40 cents a mile
    Lots of drive time. It often takes me 30-45 minutes of driving between patients. This drains my average pay. I average about 30 an hour. Not good for SoCal.