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    I am curious as to how this company is to work for. I don't know anyone who works for them to ask about their experience.

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    i have a friend that works for them in VA and she is very happy,,they are on computer and she had no probs learning it,,,,where do you live?
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    My friend worked for them for 2 years, all was great until a new manager came to her office. The manager was supposed to take "overflow" calls. She refused and a lot of nurses quit. That is all I know about them. Good luck.
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    2 nurses in orientation with me are from Gentiva, and they both hated it. 2 separate offices. All they talk about is horrible management, long hours, bad assignments, no respect, etc. That and the fact it is a for profit agency which seems to make a difference. No personal experience though.
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    I worked for Gentiva for over two years as an Intake Nurse Specialist and occasionally performed some visits. The Gentiva open paperwork is overwhelming and the company is frought with a the micro-management mindset, the nurses' paperwork was constantly sent back to them for correction. Compared with other area agencies the pay was on the low side. None of the field nurses were happy and turnover was very high. I could say more but if you know homecare it should be enough.
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    Thank you all for the information. I have decided not to accept a position with this company. I haven't heard anything positive about them, and my dealings with them thus far have left me very leary of accepting a position.
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    Just wanted to add that I worked for them for over two years and found the pay to be lower than with other agencies. My supervisor on one case told me that her pay had been cut two (perhaps three) times. Our office got a new manager who was extremely rude and condescending. She treated the clients just as rudely as the nurses. I was glad when the case changed agencies. But this was only at this one office. I imagine the entire company can not be run this way. They would have gone out of business years ago.
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    While being a case manager in a hospital and arranging discharge planning for patients.... locally we have had issues w/ Gentiva HH. Not showing up to the patients' homes. Was not pretty or professional in the least.

    Hoping your Gentiva agency is better.
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    Gentiva has not "bedside manner" with its own nurses. I has surgery, wanted to come back to work. and they don't have clients for me.
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    When I finished nursing school I got tired easily of the hospital and went to work for Gentiva in GA. The orientation made the company look so attractive but obviously they were not the people I was going to work with. Also, the red light should have come on when one presenter stated that the customer is the most important person to Gentiva and not the nurse. That is so true to them. They try to over work you, no respect too musch paper work, too much travel, decrease in mileage paper, low pay, this is a 24hr nursing job regardless of flexibility. The managers need training in employee relationships becuase the longest nurse they have has been there for almost 2yrs. They keep hiring nurses and then losing them. They use the 1 nurse to do the work of 3 nurses just to save so they can get their bonuses at the end of the yr and all they give you is a losey Gentiva t-shirt! They do not respect nurses, just use them to make a profit. I hate Gentiva and the managers can care less about the nurses just as long as they shine. I would never recommend anyone working for Gentiva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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