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60-day recert calendar

  1. 0 Hi, several weeks ago (before I began doing home health) I was reading comments on this website. Someone posted where you could find a list of episode dates for 2004. For instance, if care begins today, you can quickly find the recert date on this particular chart. Does anyone know how I can find that chart again? I appreciate the help! Jane
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    They used to sell a slider that you could put in the SOC date and the other window box would have the end date. I don't have anything other than that. Maybe Karen would have a resource.

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    scheduling oasis follow-up assessments

    the oasis follow-up (recertification) assessment completion date (m0090) must be set within a five-day window that ends 60 days from the start of care date (m0030). the date in m0090 must be one of the five days between day-56 and day-60 from the date in m0030 (which is counted as day-1).

    a second oasis recertification assessment must be completed within a 5-day window ending 120 days from the start of care date. the oasis assessment completion date (m0090) must be between day-116 and day-120 from the start of care date. the second recertification is not scheduled based upon completion of the first recertification assessment.

    to assist the assessor to determine the appropriate dates to schedule the first and two subsequent recertification oasis assessments, a calendar has been developed using a microsoft excel spreadsheet. the spreadsheet, oasis calendar.zip, presents four sets of columns. the first set of columns represents the patient's start of care date. the next three sets provide the dates to use to schedule three subsequent recertification oasis assessments. the recertification columns contain the first and last permissible recertification completion dates.

    please click oasis calendar.zip to download the microsoft excel spreadsheet. to use the spreadsheet to create an annual calendar of start of care dates and related recertification dates, enter the desired four-digit year in cell b4 of the spreadsheet. for example, to produce a calendar for the year beginning january 1, 2001, enter "2001" in cell b4 (without the "quote" marks).

    download the 2004 calendar year pdf file(169k)http://www.cms.hhs.gov/oasis/oasispps.asp
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    Karen this is so funny. Yesterday I worked over 14 hours LOL and was dog dead tired when I posted to the board. I obviously was not thinking right in my post to this person........hahahahahaha. Thanks for saving the day LOL I missed the boat.

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    Don't know too many RN's who have read or perused www.cms.hhs.gov unless they're techie types or passionate about homecare or........

    ........ JUST NOSEY and google search alot!
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    Wish I could find the OASIS 60 day calendar for 2009
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    Our employer supplied us with one. I wish I knew where she gets them, I will try and find out and post link on here.
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    THANK YOU! We have them at work, but naturally at home when I need one I can't find one!!! This is a terrific link and already downloaded to my desktop at home!!!!!
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    i just ordered this gadget myself. waiting for arrival
    hc1022spoasis compliance compassthe oasis compliance compass is compatible for use with the new oasis-c.

    information contained on the oasis compliance

    link: http://www.med-pass.com/shopping/sho...goryid=1410207
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    I love the compliance compass. I have two, one for office and one for home, and use them every day.
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    How much did the wheel cost? It reminds me of the pregnancy wheel, that OBs use to determine due date.