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I'm only about to start my nursing program in August, so I'm not experienced in HIPPA. I just remembered something when I was pregnant a few months ago. I took a tour in my hospitals L&D unit. One of the nurses took us to... Read More

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    Quote from tammy_zeidan09
    Oh no, she was a labor and delivery nurse. She presented herself in a horrible manner, actually. She was telling us she'd be the nurse who checks us in when we "dramatacially think" we are going to have our baby. She then went on to tell stories about how "ridiculous" women are the last couple weeks of pregnancy when they go to the hospital over the dumbets things to deliver asap. I prayed I didn't have her as a nurse when I had my son.
    I didn't. =]
    Wow. It sounds like it's been awhile since this happened- since you've already given birth. I doubt the same woman still does withe tours (someone surely must have said something by this point!)

    But if this had just happened, I definitely would have reported it. I'm sure the hospital wouldn't want someone leading the tours who seems to be insulting and turning off their visitors. Lots of those women could choose another hospital if they didn't like the tour. How long ago was this?

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    my son is 10 months old now =]

    the tour was a month before I delivered..11-12 months ago!

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