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I have a quick question about HIPAA. My sister and I got into a super big fight and I said something about her gastric bypass surgery on Facebook which was supposed to be a secret. Now some of her friends are saying since I am... Read More

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    It's the humor that gets me thru the night.

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    I know the thread......I was just amused....
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    Thanks nurse ellie for clarifying! The one in the middle is either having triplets or has some serious ascites going on. Either way he looks like he's pretty proud of that belly. HIPPO violation for sure. Where's my taser, he needs to be brought in for trial.
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    Funny, but sad. Really. How can that man be smiling? He's a heart attack waiting to happen.
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    Quote from nurse-ellie
    Ha, that's awesome.
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    Didn't you already post this exact question? If not, there was an identical one not too long ago.
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    No you broke SCUFA, The Sisterhood Confidentiality Universal Facebook Act
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    Make amends with your sister and please don't do this again.

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