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I have been an LPN for quite a few years. Just last May I graduated with my RN. For the last 5 years I have worked in a correctional facility. Once I had my RN I worked at a hospital that was over an hour drive away and was so... Read More

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    yep, did the same thing and still not quite sure how I did it but am paranoid now about getting the right student with the right phone number

    I called a five year old's father to pick up their sick child. The father came in to the health office, looked around, and asked where their chid was-yep, wrong name!! What is worse, when I called the right parent the child told them to not to worry-the nurse was sending him home with a different man. Luckily, the father who had to leave work was wonderful and took it very well and considered it a short break. Also, lucky for me I got to explain (very sheepishly) before the "real" mother truly believed I was sending her little one off with a complete stranger.

    Every day since then it is "what is your mom's name"?, "what is your dad's name?"" what are your brother's and sister's names?" If I could do social security number that would be on the list too!! From here on out I do everything to verify that that won't ever happen again!!

    My guess is that they will take your statement, maybe give you a slap on the wrist, and the person who is going to be beating you up the most is YOU. Welcome to the ranks of PTSD, paranoid, "after mistake" nurse club!