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I have done a lot of research on HESI through the internet and taught myself (through the HESI book, Saunders Questions, course reviews dealing specifically with critical thinking) how to answer questions and came up with this... Read More

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    this is just asinine! pure bs!! i had to go through similar bs with my school, took the test recently and could not believe how straightforward the questions were. i passed with 75 questions and was never able to pass the hesi. the questions in the hesi are ludicrous, at times, i felt it was a game, and nothing to do with nursing. i just cannot believe that schools are using this program to prevent people from realizing their dreams. maybe students need to start boycotting those schools who have mandatory policies like that.

    Quote from dcm1245
    i’m curious if any student is experiencing "new hesi program changes" in georgia?
    in my program, hesi exam testing now occurs at the end of all nursing classes and you must pass with an 850 or you fail the course. it doesn’t matter if you had a 98 average, you fail final hesi from that class, you retake course! after, you reapply for the program, and start back with the next group coming in. that's not the worst part! this gets better

    of course one hesi final per class, then take the mid-curriculum hesi and fail that test and you’re out of the program. next, say you made it to the end of your program and had a 4.0 –woopy! not so fast….you must pass the exit hesi to even obtain your diploma; otherwise you restart the nursing program from scratch! as well, in our program, if you fail 2 classes at any point throughout the program, you're out of the nursing program all together for 5 years! crazy huh? a few of us have written the gsbn and have received no responses.

    their reasoning behind this asinine philosophy is that the increased standards will provide higher pass rate % on the nclex. first, does anyone know of one degree any where in the world that you do not receive a diploma with a passing gpa? as an architectural designer, i had to obtain my bachelors degree, prepare for my licensing examination on my own. if i failed the exam, i retake it. if not, i could not practice legally. how is this any different from a law degree, accounting medical, etc…? hospitals will not allow a nurse to practice with her license. most importantly, all degrees offer many opportunities in that do not require a license. who says that student is not pursuing her msn in forensic nursing studies, or statistics, administrative, etc…. not everyone that goes to nursing school is wanting to just be a nurse. i find this new educational concept to restrict students’s expansion of their own possibilities.

    back on the state board hesi changes, i am completely ok with any elevated standards for all industries, and increasing the expectations of competent, skilled professionals; which is lacking every where around us; i’m sure you can think of 5 places you shop or obtain business from that have room for professional growth. however, when the georgia state board of nursing increased their standards in 2010, the educational institutions have failed to increase their own standards of adjustment to meet the needs of their clients – us – the students that pay their mortgage.

    typically changed policies at the corporate level, require planning, tweaking, and adjustment until desired outcomes are achieved or policy altered to meet new goals; simple business comprehension 101.

    i don't care if someone tells me that i have to score a 1250 on the hesi, i will do my best and if i don't pass, then i will approach the next time with a different and new strategy.
    unfortunately, as a student learning a new field of profession, paying a shiny dollar out of pocket for excellent education expects to trust that my investment is with the right company that will communicate, respect, and perform to level of excellence that helps me obtain my goal; otherwise, why pay?

    my 15 years of business experience and as a business owner even today will not allow me to leave a broken concept or new policy in place, just to experiment with employees’ lives, their children and families’ lives; all so i can test a strategy! (this is what we’ve been told.)
    i'm so sad to see so many of my fellow nurse students fail out of the program 1/2 way through the year, because they're not being prepared for the hesi exams after each course.
    as well, all the students have lost their excitement and trust in the school. many have changed majors, or left the program all together. unfortunately, i could not influence but two fearless warrior students to rally with me for a change request.
    i guess, not everyone that i believed in was traveling the path of true calling.
    when a nurse is to advocate for patients rights and can't even advocate for their own rights, how successful will they be making a difference in protecting the safety and wellness of a patient who has no one on their side, must less someone they do not know?

    all institutions need a balance between leaders and followers. yet, the responsibility a nurse inherits is not a silent position. the greatest achievements in life can derive from unexpected sacrifices made on behalf of someone you hardly know.

    i'm sure you're wondering, "why not change schools?" looked in to that, and these changes are taking place gradually throughout the state. as well, all institutions project an image to sale their product. but just like a job, you can research a business for employment and find a fit between you and them; yet one month tops- behind closed doors, and you say , " what the #$@$!$ did i get myself into, this is not the image they sold me." bad teachers are everywhere, poor communication is too common, passionate teachers that aren’t burnt out on fixed salaries are hard to come by; and yet we continue to hear that “there is a shortage in nursing, teaching and other related fields?”
    so, has anyone else experienced a program change such as mine? if so, please share your experience, or if you have professional experience and would like to lend advice, feel free to share with me.

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    As I took HESI through the program I always seemed to fail the damn thing, and I mean i was really bad. I couldn;t understand why I was doing so bad, I would do well on the the exams from what the professors would give out but i couldn;t do well on the HESI. After going over this review and going over a review call HURST which I highly recommend. I took the HESI to graduate from the program and I passed it the first time with a 1125. I mean I was getting 560 and 550s on individual parts of the program. It doesn;t matter how much you know but how well you can take a test, how to identify what the question is asking. When people told me this I was like that makes no since but like I said going over these two study guides it really brought things in prospective. Also studying your brains out really doesn't do you any good. It is all about quality not quanity. The night before the exam relax, let your mind rest, eat a good night meal, spend time with family, and go to sleep early. Really folks if I could do it any one can, you just need to be confident and you will see. The great thing about this exam (HESI) is that it is much harder than NCLEX. When I took Nclex I laughed at the first ten question cause they were fairly easy, I only had 75 question and no more than that. Wish you all luck.
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    sorry lol didn't see where the thread was posted
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    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get into the LPN program at gateway college and need to take the HESI test. BUT.... unfortunately, this is kinda a last minute decision and the last test of the year before school starts in January is only ten days away!!!!!
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    I will be taking the mid curricular Hesi next week. Fortunately ours is averaged in like a test grade. We do not have to make a certain number. I need a 74 to keep my A and I don't even have to take it to pass the class. I am wondering what it is like so I can let my fellow classmates know what to study. We have the Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam book by evolve. What should we concentrate on? Thanks. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, Anyone knows about and how effective it is?
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    This study guide really helped me. I had to take the Med-Surg HESI today for my school and got a 977 (90.81%) on the first try! Oh man, I can not tell you how happy and relieved I was to see that score. I was so scared to press submit after the 55th question. We needed at least an 850 to pass, so you know I was all too happy! Heck, I would have been proud with a 851. LOL

    I did a few NCLEX 4000 and Saunder's review questions last night and this morning, but stopped thinking "I should have started long time ago on this. If I don't know it know, I'm not going to." But these tips helped with the strategy because I started thinking that this test may also focus on strategy, like most tests do. I knew I had to know the information because I did learn it at some point. I just needed to know the right triggers to bring it out. Ah, now I can relax a bit before summer school starts without worrying about having to retake this thing!
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    This thread is awesome! It definitely helped in my score of 1227 (99%) on the Fundamentals HESI. Thank you OP!
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    This helps alot and makes sense.
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    Salt Lake Community College they say you can get a BSA through them and no thanks to "recent changes" no one can I had to change schools and only got credit for my core classes.
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