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    Hello everyone I am new to this site and had a couple of questions. I am in my final semester of nursing school and will be taking the HESI-RN exit exam in a couple of weeks. I am already really paranoid because I only have a couple of attempts to pass it with a min. score of 850. I would like to know if anyone out there has taken it already who could tell me how the exam is and offer me any tips for successfully passing it.


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    Hi, I'm not very much help... When I took it in the begining of this year I didn't meet the "850" goal so I had to go to remediation. % wise I think I got a 71% and my score was in the high 700's. It was a well rounded nursing exam but nothing like the NCLEX-RN...sorry I can barely remember what I did today---hope this helps a little!
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    go to hesitest.com website. They sell practice exams. It's not exactly like the hesi test at school but very very close.
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    I didn't know they sold practice tests.
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    Get the HESI review book since it gives you a quick review of the areas and also has "hesi hints". The questions are similar to the NCLEX so it is always good to get a program like NCLEX 3500 (or the new 4000) and just do question after question. I have had to tae the HESI at the end of ever semester thus far and have been lucky toget above the 850. If you need any help pm me.
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    Complete the first tip of my program at the top of this page, it works quite well with the Exit HESI exam. All that have used it have passed, at least that I am aware of.

    Best of luck to you as you finish your program.
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    I just took my hesi-rn exit exam and scored an 1125. If you do not already have the HESI-RN Review Book & CD, then run out and buy it. Read all the HESI Hints...they are a gold mind. Look at your test review and go over the area that you were weak in and that should help you narrow down your studying so that you don't spend time in area you don't need to. The test is comprehensive, and it does cover all areas quite well. I had about 5 dosage calc. questions..all were very different, no one type of calc. There was only one item on my test that I had never heard of..plepharitis, prob. incorrect spelling...but it was on there..eye infection...needed to know what the nurse should do...it was wash the eyelashes with shampoo...look it up so that if you don't already know it you will be familiar. Most everything else I was familiar with. I had several ABG questions, several ob, pedi, psyc....mostly general med-surg. Don't remember there being a lot of diabetes/insulin questions..just a few. Good luck!!
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    I scored well on the HESI compared to many in our class, but could have done better had I done any studying for it. I think had I gone through Saunders, even just casually, it would've have helped bring my score up some.

    Thankfully, we aren't required to get a minimum to graduate; it's just used as another tool to help us determine how we might do were we to take the NCLEX at this point.
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    Hey , there... Don't worry about the HESI it is really not that bad. I took last semester and you can just basically break it down to the right answer. Just read the question through and before looking at the answers try to ask yourself what is the question really asking for? I had a great grade and I just passed my NCLEX with 75 questions and that is how I managed to be successful....

    Good Luck and trust yourself. Always go with your instinct it is usually the right answer....

    Noemi RN
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    Please go to this site and practice all these questions... It will help you alot


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