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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the HESI exit exam for the ADN... Read More

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    Quote from barb4575
    I do not like the HESI exams other than to be used at the end of a semester course for remediation. I questioned their statistics because the majority of the students failed their HESI exams (course and exit), yet they all passed the NCLEX-RN. I sent my questions via e-mail to HESI, and it was deleted without being read. I am curious about the Masters' level research findings conducted by a fellow educator? I am also interested in knowing what NCLEX-RN review sessions and study/review books are being used out there? So far, my favorite online review is hurstreview.com. I love the Saunders Review Book and Silvestri's Strategies for Success--so did my students!

    Thank you,

    We use the ATI to prepare students. It is very expense and Im not sure it really does then any favors. Mary E

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    HELP! I am graduating and we have to take the Exit HESI to get our diplomas. I have already taken it 3 times...815, 756, 816 are my scores...I have used Saunders, Springhouse, Kaplan, and the HESI book to study. I have done over 5,000 questions since September, I don't know why I can't pass this thing. Anyone have any advice? Thanks! Next retake is in 9 days!
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    This happened to me as well except that I was in an accelerated BSN program for post-bachelors students. The first semester we were given HESI tests for all of our classes as our FINALS which counts for 25% of our grade!!! The questions had nothing to do with what we learned in the class. I passed all my classes except for one class due to this HESI test and now I cannot continue onto the next semester.
    How is it possible to give a first semester nursing students HESI as a final GRADE with no opportunity to take it AGAIN?!?!!?

    In my opinion, I think HESI should be used as a predictor and to modify curriculum for the first semester ONLY....
    I would have done much better on the HESI if I would have taken this test next semester!!!

    Also, this is going to look bad on my academic record when I start applying to other nursing schools due to the fact that I couldn't pass ONE of my classes even tho i DID pretty okay in this class before the HESI.
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    The school I attended let you take it twice. If you failed the first time you had to do 2000 questions in the areas you were weak in, and then you could take it a second time, if you fail the second time i think you have to do the questions again but you also have to remediate your last med surg nursing class. I don't think that makes since if your weak in OB. you should remediate what your weak in to get a benifit from it. The schools do this two tries because it will weed out the ones who will fail boards and makes there pass rate higher.
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    It is very encouraging to read the opinions and input regarding the hesi exam it is very unfair what my nursing school has put me through. I have completed a nursing program but I have not pass the hesi exam. The first time I scored 760 and the second time 837 I need a 850 to pass I only have one more chance to pass, If I dont pass the exam, two years of nursing school will be in vain , I really wish there was some type of legal action that could be taken to stop this madness. This exp. has really stressed me out. It felt really good to read the comments regarding hesi I thought I was the only one thinking this way.
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    That Hesi Test is all about the money... And these nursing institutuions that
    utilizes the Hesi are only thinking about there pass rates and not the students... It is all about Hesi making there money and the school keeping there accrediations... I feel if any body have successfully completed an entire program weather they pass that Hesi are not they should be able to set for boards and nine x's out of ten they will pass......... Angry Student
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    Our small private school just started using HESI for our third graduating group in their final quarter. The students took version 1 of the exit exam as a diagnostic tool when they began the "NCLEX Prep" course. Throughout the course they took content exams (Fundamentals, Obstetrics, Peds, Med/Surg...), they worked on case studies, and they answered over 3000 NCLEX style computerized test questions, providing textbook-referenced rationales for every incorrect answer they scored. At the end of the course they took HESI version 2 and had to pass with 800 or they got an incomplete (they were allowed to "walk" with their classmates at graduation and we have since raised the score to 850 for subsequent groups.) Over the next quarter, those who failed version 2 may take version 3 and version 4. If they don't pass those two exams they fail the course and they must repeat it (the NCLEX Prep course), at the end of which they must pass HESI version 5. If they don't, there is version 6 and 7 to continue remediating. Only after failing all 7 HESI exit exams and repeating the course do they finally and completely fail the program.
    HESI has become our program's safety net. We had abysmal pass rates for the first 2 graduating groups. The State Board was literally moving toward closing us down - cease and desist, lock our doors, end of the program's existence, take a deep sigh and get a new job (including the students currently enrolled).
    The third graduating group of 38 students was reduced by 9 who could not pass the second HESI. In retrospect, these are the students who have not been strong throughout the program - generally not quite grasping the critical thinking component so essential to quality nursing. These nine are now remediating with us in an "NCLEX Refresher" course which focuses on content support and how to read and answer NCLEX style questions. They continue with 200 NCLEX style computerized test questions per week with rationales.
    The rest of the graduates have started off strong with a 100% initial pass rate so far. Just what the Nurse Practitioner ordered!
    As an instructor, I think HESI is great. It has been studied (nursing research and evidence-based practice - don't you love it??? ) and it has been shown to have more than a 95% correlation to passing the NCLEX if the scores are above 850.
    Yes, it is all about pass rates and accreditation, but those are the things that allow me and my program to continue teaching more hopeful nursing students. The State Board is very interested in assuring the public that the students who complete our program will be well-prepared to enter the profession.
    My suggestion is to raise the bar earlier in the program - even in admission and selection - and to pass along only those students who attain 75% or greater in testing and comprehensive final examinations. Require students to begin early using computerized NCLEX style testing programs and to provide written and referenced rationales for every incorrect answer on every test they take in your program - don't provide it for them! "What the nurse does for the patient makes the patient strong", and likewise, what the teacher does for the student makes the teacher strong.
    Here's hoping for a continued 100% NCLEX pass rate!
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    Im a teacher and -Hesi---sucks----------
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    have you already taken the hesi? If so do you remember any of the questions? At our school we have heard that there are 4 different tests. Any ideas?????????
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    Our college has the students take the hesi exit exam 2 times. 850 or better has you a graduation degree. If you do not pass the 2nd time around, you have to show proof of taking an NCLEX preparation course. If that has been done, you graduate. I'm taking one this year during the last semester to have all bases covered.

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