Hesi Exit Exam

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    I am new to the forum. Please bear with me. Tomorrow I am taking my Hesi Exit Exam for the LPN program. Do any of you have any suggestions?
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    Good luck!

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    I wish I had some suggestions for you, but alas, I'm unsure of that one. I just took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and don't know the result yet. So I have nothing to compare it to results wise.

    I will say that it is a longgggg test (the HESI) and most of the people I knew, including me, got under the supposed average grade for it. Don't sweat it, just take the score as it comes and see where you need to improve before you complete your NCLEX-PN!

    Good luck!
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    I am having a really tough time at the moment. I took hesi the first time and got a 777 and then the second i got a 844 (6 pts from passing.) I really don't know what to do because now my life is hanging in the balance. does anyone have any suggestions. I have heard a rumor that the 3rd time is not that hard. PLEASE HELP ME!
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    Good Luck!! The Hesi was more difficult than the state exam, at least for Illinois. I don't know if they differ from state to state. However on the first Hesi I got a 630, second Hesi I got 25 pts away from passing. I passed the Boards with the minimum of 85 questions on the first try. I think if you can score a 700-8??, you have a great chance passing the boards easily. Don't worry about it, just do it!! Don't think to long on a question and don't read more into it than it asks. The Lippencott LPN review NCLEX book is excellent and has tips on how to answer questions correctly, buy it, work it, and you will be fine!
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    I am a graduate nursing student but I still have not pass the hesi. The first time I scored 760 and the second time I scored 837, I need a 850 to pass I have one more chance to pass the crazy exam, I think it is very wrong to base one test on wheather are not a student can pass the Nclex, If I don't pass it the third time two years of nursing school will be in vain. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to pass the exam.
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    Definitely get the HESI study guide. Good luck!
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    [quote=Jules A;2570058]Definitely get the HESI study guide. Good luck![/quote
    I was wondering, what is good about the hesi study guide? Is the whole book or the hesi hints in the book?
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    Quote from Jules A
    Definitely get the HESI study guide. Good luck![/quote
    I was wondering, what is good about the hesi study guide? Is the whole book or the hesi hints in the book?
    I really like the questions on CD. For some reason I learn and retain information when I do questions. Things that I get wrong really stick in my mind. I have been fiddling around with the book a bit in the last couple of days and the hints are pretty decent also but for me its mostly the questions.
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    The Hesi is a predictor test. Is it required to pass it for your school? It's a long, difficult test and your brain starts to go half way through. Don't freak out about the Hesi. Take it, review the strong and weak areas specific to your test and move on. It's alot harder than the real test unless they have changed the state exam since last August when I took it. Do the practice questions on the disc. My school's tests were all in NCLEX form, so when we took the test, it was like taking one from class. We also had to take the California test which I felt was ridiculous and did not apply to nursing, but we took it twice. I never knew how we did on that test, the scores were not revealed. I feel for you all, I have been in your footsteps and there is light at the end of the tunnel!! I made it with two children, a husband, and alot more of you have probably had worse situations to study under. You will be fine. Be confident. Take a deep breath. I passed and went on to be a full-time ER nurse. Come on girls, work it!!! You can do it!!
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    Heres a link to the HESI study guide

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    Double check with the director of your nursing program. Discuss your concerns. Our college allows us to show proof of an NCLEX prep class to get us past the lesser than 850 score and still graduate. Hope this helps. I can't imagine going to all the prerequisite classes, 2 years of nursing classes with an A or B average and not get to graduate just because of an outside vendor's curriculim.
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    I am taking the Hesi Exam on Thursday and a little nervous. Any advice? I am not a big fan of tests. What can I expect? I have the NCLEX-PN study guide, and been looking that over.

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