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Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second... Read More

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    Any letter yet?
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    Nope! As of yesterday they weren't sent out yet at Moco. Waiting waiting waiting!
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    I know waiting is soooo hard. I applied the first day and have been waiting ever since. It is making me crazy! With my score not very high I am prepairing to take ap2 over and maybe my HESI. Then apply for Kingwood. Do you know if everyone that is not excepted get an alternet letter or just the next so many with the higher scores?
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    Quote from Ckfomby
    Any letter yet?
    Sry didn't mean to post this. lol
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    @Ckfomby...If an applicant is accepted, unless things have changed from last application period, they will receive a letter of acceptance and have to reply with a letter of intent to accept the seat offered along with submition of other requested documents by a particular deadline and then also have to attend a mandatory meeting (kind of an orientation, but it is not really an orientation). If an applicant is put on the alternate list, they still have to reply with their letter of intent and submit all the required documents and attend the mandatory meeting. Alternates just do not know for certain if they will be entering the program when it starts or if they will have to wait to reapply again. I know the alternate spot is not a fun spot to be in as I was an alternate last application period. If an applicant is not accepted, then they receive a nice letter of denial along with a suggestion to reapply during later application period.
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    Ok who is a betting person??? I have dibs on the letters being delivered the middle of next week and some might not even received letters until after Easter weekend. I place my strongest bet on April 5....Who is betting with me? My wager, uuummm well, I cannot think of one without knowing who else is betting with me, lol
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    revised 03/30/2012

    gmarks ....................... 11.84 (M, NH, TB)
    Swweetipie.................. 11.81 (M, NH)
    Stephalump ................ 11.81 (M, TB, NH)
    tlcarter99.................... 11.75 (NH, M)
    blondie12..................... 11.6532 (TB, CF, M)
    mssweeney.................. 11.636 (CF)
    kalisefer ..................... 11.5468 (TB, CF, NH, M)
    Mckelley44................... 11.493 (CF)
    megablack.................... 11.4308 (NH, M, CF, TB)
    Alexandria8263 ............. 11.4 (CF, NH, TB, M)
    3prouommy................... 11.2 (NH)
    Brittney.gast ................ 11.14 (NH)
    Hopefulleslie................. 11.1 (NH)
    Ckfomby .................... 11.1 (M, TB, NH)
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    I was just wondering if everyone not accepted got a alternet letter. I got a alternet letter last month for the LVN at Moco. I am going to the orentation in April and have done the back ground, shots, and turned on the letter to the school. fingers crossed I get into one of the programs!
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    @Ckfomby Not everyone gets a spot as an alternate. I just looked at each campus website, I found posted under the Q&A sections of the North Harris, Tomball, and MoCo, however Cy-fair does not have this information listed on their website.

    There are somewhere between 10-20 alternate spots for each campus. Good luck!!!

    NOTE: this information is in regards to the ADN program, I did not find how many spots were open for the LVN program
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    Thanks so much! That makes me feel a little more hopefull! ))
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    March 30 - Checked the mail, NO LETTER YET
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    Does anyone know if there are two different HESI exams? I am a student taking my pre req's @ San Jac and thinking about applying for Lonestar's nursing program this year (to attend in the Spring 2013). San Jac requires more pre req's than Lonestar (AP2, Micro, College Alg) so Im wondering if I try and apply for Lonestar that my AP 1 is not the same as Lonestar's AP1. So, how would a Lonestar student with only one A&P be able to compete with a San Jac student who has 3 Biologys in regards to the HESI) sorry if this is a confusing question.

    Tks for the replys:spin:
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    Ekmah04, You definitely need to complete both A&P I & II in order to pass the A&P section on the HESI at Lone Star. I am not sure if this answers you question. If it does not please rephrase you question.

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