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Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second choice. So far I have 8 points... Read More

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    As far as the test goes... I made a 92 on the a&p part,84 on math, and 87.3 on the composite English... I was hoping I did better on the English sections since that's what counts on the score chart. But oh well , we will see What happens. The vocab is super random and all over the place. I used the study guide for the vocab. You will do fine! Don't stress over it, it's not really all that hard. For the a&p section review your notes from class and use the study guide. I also used floridatrail2006's website which was a life saver!
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    I have the study guide as well, and am using that to brush up on my a&p....I forgot so much from the first half of a&p....I hope I do well on the English, as I like to think that is my strong point...im sooooo nervous about it!!! does anybody know about the agreement with uthouston and lsc nursing schools by the way??? Read up on it last month, and it sounded promising...
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    Hello! I'm scheduled to take my Feb, 25th with CyFair and Tomball being my first and second choices. I'm scared to death of taking the exam! I am getting the Evolve study guide from a friend (despite the bad reviews?) and I also ordered the Barron's and the McGraw-Hill's study guides so I'm waiting on those to come in the mail. I hope I'm over-studying because I'm so nevous about the exam! Any tips? I read some posts about the exam having critical thinking and personality questions, but if I understand correctly, Lonestar only has A&P, reading comprehension, and math. Is that correct? What type of math questions are on there?
    Thanks guys.
    Good luck.
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    Yes, lone star doesnt require the other . I read many posts on all nurses saying the math portion consists of a lot of conversions and ratios. Im nervous as well, I test next week. I have been trying to brush up on my a&p by reviewing class notes and taking online tests from my book's website. Hopefully it helps! Good luck to you too.
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    We should all do fine. I think we are worrying ourselves 2 much lol. They say it's all basic stuff, so we should see. No critical thinking! Thank God!
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    My huband tells me the same thing ikegrad2002! I think you both are right
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    YES, LOL. When you take your test don't forget to let us know how it goes......GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hello everyone…. i’m also going to be taking the hesi sometime this month. i’ve been following the lone star threads for over a year already and i can’t believe i’m finally going to be applying. good luck to everyone!!
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    Just applied a few days ago to (in this order) Cyfair, North Harris, Tomball, Montgomery. My score is an 11.40, so I hope I get in since this will be my 3rd semester applying. Fingers crossed!
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    Alexandria, good luck!!!! Im praying for us all. If u dont mind, what was your English score? Any tips on the HESI?

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