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Hi everyone! I just got out of my HESI A2 exam with a 95% overall score. Test preparation was the key to getting a good composite score, so I thought I'd share my test prep tips. I took the... Read More

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    Thank you so so much!!! I just ordered the A2 guide and was worried that it wouldn't be enough! I take mine in October and was really freaking out! Thanks for calming my nerves

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    The questions on the A & P were so random...it asked all sorts of questions...I believe some were on the different systems...What system is responsible for carrying nutrients? Something like that....I received a 70% and the school I'm attending doesn't use the score ( I can take my pre-requs as part of the program).

    Honestly I found this test to be EASY..I studied for two weeks ( about an hour to two hours a day). I received a score of over 90% on all subjects ( math, reading, vocab, grammer, and critical thinking). If your math is rusty ( mine was as I haven't been in high school in over 15 years) I also bought a GED Math book. Let me tell you that was by far the best book ever-lots of examples.

    I was also going to take the TEAS V and this book doesn't give clear examples on math which the GED book helped.
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    You will be fine...the A & P portion had random questions...just study the systems ( what does what)...Mitosis vs Meosis...
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    @Red35: Thanks for calming my nerves...I want to take this exam before the school I hope to attend changes their requirement. I have the Teas V book as well and it is so overwhelming because it is so much information to take in. Thanks again...
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    if you don't mind me asking..when are you taking the test?
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    Quote from Red35
    if you don't mind me asking..when are you taking the test?
    I don't have a set day, but I would like to take it in the next couple of months (once I feel prepared).
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    Good luck let us know when you take the exam
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    Hello, thank you for your helpful information.
    I have a question...Jena did you get the paper book or the online kit for the Elsevier HESI Admission Assesment Exam Review books?
    I went on amazon to order it but it keep this online kit access code.... so which one do u suggest, if u please give me a link to it...

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    Good luck to every one...
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    So when you say that you can pick which sections to do...how does that work? Do you pick one at a time to do? Also I read somewhere you can't go back, is this true? Was everyone given paper and pencil? I hear some testing centers are using white-boards now.


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