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I just took two hesi exams within the past week - a critical care speciality exam and today I took a med-surg speciality exam. I did GREAT on the critical care one - scored a 1063, 89.81%... Read More

  1. by   adpibri
    Sorry for digging up old posts, hopefully this will be seen. I'm about to take my HESI Critical Care exam and just wanted to know in general what does it cover? Our teachers won't even give us a slight clue as to what to study. I have the current HESI Book which has a chapter called "Advanced Clinical Concepts" - would that be the equivalent for the HESI Critical Care exam? I don't have any practice quizzes or questions on evolve for a "Critical Care exam" so that is what I've been looking over. Thanks for any hints you can give!
  2. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    adpibri - I'd study anything you covered in class this semester, and any case studies/practice quizzes on Evolve you've been using during the semester. The HESI Comprehensive Review book has been helpful for me as well. We have HESI exams at the end of every semester & there's really no surefire way to study for them, since it's not necessarily what's covered in class... but that HESI review book is helpful HTH
  3. by   bdlcutie_4life
    Has anyone taken the critical care hesi? If so how was it?
  4. by   MissyNik
    I think the Critical Care HESI was an expanded Med Surg exam just geared toward more critical patients probably with vents and chest tubes and things. I would try to do as many questions as possible including pharmacology for critical care/med surg.
  5. by   MissyNik
    Also start making sure you know how to apply those strategies from chapter 5 in the Saunders Book!