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  1. adpibri

    Current SLCC ADN Program

    Hey! I was just wondering if anyone on the boards have any recent experience with SLCC's ADN program in Lafayette? I'm looking around a different schools in the area and most of the (few) student experiences I've stumbled on are rather old. Anyone currently in the program or a recent graduate care to share their opinions or any details about the program? Thanks in advance!
  2. adpibri

    PRN Orientation time for LTACH

    Hello! Short summary, I am a LPN in Louisiana with 2 years of Med/Surg experience in 2009-2011...since 2011 I have worked hospice (home care and inpatient center.) I just accepted a PRN job at a local hospital on Med-Tele I'm not terribly worried about transitioning into. I have an interview for a LTACH facility as another PRN Position, they told me while setting up the interview that since it's PRN, I would only get 2 shifts orientation. I understand they can't give a PRN person a lot of orientation time since they need the coverage now. Any thoughts or opinions from seasoned LTACH-ers on how hard it would be to take this job on? I'm pretty quick to catch onto to things but it's been awhile outside of aucte care! I plan on asking more questions at the interview, but I wanted to get some feedback and/or experiences prior to going in! Thank you guys for any info!
  3. adpibri

    Agency Nursing as a LPN

    Hello! I have about 2 years of hospital experience, plus 7 years in hospice. I was considering looking into agency nursing in the Lafayette area, but have no worked for an agency before. I was wondering if anyone here is in the Lafayette area (or anywhere in LA) as well and wouldn't mind giving me some insight about the work! Thanks!!
  4. Hello! I've been working in hospice for almost 7 years and I just landed a QAPI position at my agency! I'm pretty new to the QA process and I was wondering if anyone had any good resources (outside of my agency) that I could learn more about the overall QAPI role? Aside from my normal training, I want to gather as much information as I can to be successful! Thanks!
  5. Greetings! I'm currently taking on a temporary Volunteer Coordinator role at my Hospice agency (I am a seasoned Hospice LVN) - the current VC was, for lack of better words, terrible at this position. My "orientation" to the role was basically the former VC thumbing through all the forms in the VC binder. My Admin/DON and I have been trying to put the pieces back together so that we can be compliant with volunteer hours again, but I wanted to ask if anyone out there had any insight on a successful volunteer program? I understand the paperwork side of the job, for the most part, but it's the recruiting/training and implementing the volunteer visits that I would like to hear about from other people's experience at their agencies. The previous VC had 2 volunteers for an average monthly 3% hours, which is unacceptable, so we're in damage control and cleanup now. I know this forum is primarily nurses, but I would like to hear any of your experience with your VC or Volunteers - any insight would be welcomed! Thank you! :)
  6. adpibri

    CHPLN Study Materials?

    Thank you so much for the reply! I did see the core cirriculum, but there were more system specific books on there as well - so I wasn't sure what all was worth it to invest in! Grats on passing the first try, and again, thank you for the info!! :)
  7. adpibri

    CHPLN Study Materials?

    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forums and attempted to search what I'm looking for first, but was unsuccessful (probably user error, so apologies if this is a reoccurring question.) I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me exactly where to find (to download or purchase) the study materials for the CHPLN examination? A couple of years ago, I was planning on taking the test with my employer at the time and they let me borrow this huge book specifically for that examination - but I can't remember exactly what it was called or what it looked like. There are a ton of books for sale on the HPNA store, but I'm unsure which would be my best option. So, anyone who has taken (or planning to take) the CHPLN examination, what is the "official" textbook OR what books/study guides have proven most beneficial? Thanks!! :)
  8. adpibri

    Lamar University BSN Program Layout

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone who has gone through the traditional BSN program could give any ideas on how the layout of the program is? Like the hours and days of the lecture and when clinicals are, etc. Thanks!
  9. adpibri

    Lamar University BSN Fall 2014

    @DisneyBSN16 I'm with you, I have nothing else to take and my GPA is good as well. I've been a LVN for 6 years now and was pretty disappointed to see the alternate letter. I just hate not knowing, since I know it's going to cost a pretty penny for all the books and uniforms and everything else. @Sweetpea0204 Thanks for the encouragement! I hope that proves true! :)
  10. adpibri

    Lamar University BSN Fall 2014

    Greetings, will anyone be attending the BSN program at Lamar in Beaumont, TX this fall? I'm on the alternate list right now. Also are there any previous Lamar nursing students that may know an approximate/ball park number of altrenates they assign each semester? It's killing me not knowing when or if I'll get a call to join in. Lol!
  11. adpibri

    hesi exam...

    Sorry for digging up old posts, hopefully this will be seen. I'm about to take my HESI Critical Care exam and just wanted to know in general what does it cover? Our teachers won't even give us a slight clue as to what to study. I have the current HESI Book which has a chapter called "Advanced Clinical Concepts" - would that be the equivalent for the HESI Critical Care exam? I don't have any practice quizzes or questions on evolve for a "Critical Care exam" so that is what I've been looking over. Thanks for any hints you can give!