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Hesi addmission test

  1. 0 Iam getting ready to take my hesi nursing addmissions test in april and i was wanting to know what is the best study guide? I have heard that the addmission assessment study guide and HESI A2 Exam Review, 2nd edition are both really good. Does anyone know witch is better or have other suggestions?
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    Hesi A2 study guide 2nd ED is da best. Best of luck!!
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    Def use the review book. My school didnt require the Anatomy portion of the exam and I actually could have gotten away without using the book. My suggestion is to brush up on your algebra and fractions and decimals. Make sure you can multiply, divide and convert them. Also study conversions like: how many pints are in a quart, gallon, ect. There were lots of converions on there. I studied the week prior and made an overall grade of 97% and havent taken a math class in YEARS. GOOD LUCK!
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    Yes, use the book! It helped SO much. I was nervous and ended up with a 90% overall, and I am NOT the best at math. Oh, and go over medical terminology cause there was a lot on mine as well. You will do great
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    Question: There is a ton of vocabulary words on the study guide, but not much to practice on. I wanted to know for those who took the exam if any of the list of words were actually on the actual exam? Also, how was the A&P section on the exam; and is the Math section basic and straight-to-the-point (such as numbers rather than word problems)?

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    When I took the HESI exam, the vocabulary words weren't that hard. Most of them were easily answered and some came with context clues. At my school, we weren't required to take the A&P section. Maybe you aren't either? And the math- it was a LOT of conversions, such as: how many ounces are in 4 cups. There were a lot of ratio-conversions too, but they were set up using, "3 is to 9 as 4 is to _."
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    With A&P, make sure you know the basics of each system. I would also use the flash cards on quizlet.com. Those helped me A LOT!
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    Moved to HESI Entrance Exam forum. You might want to check out some of the other threads in this forum.
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    I didn't have A&P...just math, reading, vocab and grammar. I thought the Mosby book was ok. I took some free practice tests at www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-a2-practice-tests.html and I also studied some flashcards at http://quizlet.com/subject/hesi/
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    So was the math conversions in a word problem or was it just simply as how many cups in a pint. I worry about that section.
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    HESI is this the entrance test given to get into nursing school? to kinda see where you are in math and english? its not pass or fail right? Im doing my LPN at a tech center was told I will have to take a placement test is that placement test the HESI? this is all NEW to me. Thanks!