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HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology section

  1. 0 Did you have to take the HESI A2 anatomy and physiology section for admission into your school?

    I just took my HESI and did really bad on anatomy and physiology section (I'm actually taking ANAT/PHYS 1 and ANAT/PHYS 2 both at the same time this semester). I scored the lowest on this section.

    Could the admission committee look at my score and think that maybe I didn't score well on ANT/PHY section because I haven't completed the courses yet?

    The rest of the sections, I got over 80s.
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    As long a you get to retake the test before sending in your application I doubt it will matter. Like you said you are taking the courses now. I took a&p 1 a long time ago and im in a&p 2 now.
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    Quote from dcaradon
    As long a you get to retake the test before sending in your application I doubt it will matter. Like you said you are taking the courses now. I took a&p 1 a long time ago and im in a&p 2 now.
    As for anat and phys section?

    Here's what I remember:

    -Know the heart valves (mitral/biscuspid and tricuspid)
    -know the nephron structure (where water gets reabsorbed and where minerals get reabsorbed)
    - Know the effects of ADH on the kidneys/nephrons
    -Know the major nerves
    -Know the various fluids/glands (synovial, sebacious, sudoferous) and where they're found
    -Know your bones, tissues, muscles, and joints
    -Know which glands releases which hormones (one of the question asked what hormone does anterior pit secrete)
    - Know the function of hormones (one question asked which gland regulates calcium levels if they go down)
    -Know the enzymes and fluids released in digestive tract
    -Know blood cells (RBCs and WBCs), their functions, and their shape

    In my classes, we've only covered endocrine, blood, heart, cell structures, tissues, intemengutary system.

    Only knowing the above topics, I scored 72 on it so I think that once I complete the courses, I can do way better on it.
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    Hey Everyone!!!
    I take the Hesi tomorrow and I'm so scared!! I've taken it once before, but I scored an 88.22% and I think I can do better! The A&P is what killed me! I scored a 76% on it last time and I have been studying like crazy and I still feel overwhelmed about the anatomy portion! Everything else was in the 90% and it brought me down considerably, so I've not really focused on the other sections! I have a bad habit of trying to learn everything about a particular element within a subject of anatomy and now, I'm afraid my brain is going into Overload for sure!! Can anyone give me any examples as to waht to expect? It's been over a year since I took it last time! I'm taking it 2 days before the submission packet for the nursing packet is due- Talk about Pressure!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Kasey P.
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    Hey guys!
    I know what you mean about the a&p section, I got a 64, the second time, and an 80% the second time. I think version two is harder and has more physiology.

    Let me know if you need anymore help!
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    Hi szgg07~

    I'm taking mine in few weeks and it's my second attempt taking the exam.
    I failed the first time and i scored very low on anatomy & physiology section. I'm stressed out and scared. I need your help! can u help me????
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    Nany, I pm'd you..look in your mailbox!
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    I took the HESI back in Sept. I did well on the test, except for the A&P section. I only made a 72 on it while I made 85 and higher on the rest of the test. Everyone I know that has taken it has scored low on that section. I think it's because the study guide does NOT prepare you and there is so much info that can be tested on. I even busted out my physiology and anatomy books as well as getting a few extra study guides to go over. I bet since you have taken it already, you know how the questions are worded, and sort of know what to expect, you may score higher with a little more study time. I can't remember anything that was on it now. Good luck to you! Hope you guys do well!!
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    kasey p, did you get my email ??
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    yeah i have to retake mine i got a 95 in reading 95 in grammar and a 96 in math.. i only got a 80 in anatomy so i have to retake that section :/
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    Hi Sarah,

    That is actually really good! I can't believe these nursing schools nowadays, they are just making it harder and harder to get in.

    Good luck! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Was there a particular body system, you had trouble with like hormones or the nervous system?
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    yeah to get the max points for my school i have to have above a 94 i think on each seaction.. its insane!!
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    That is horrible. I mean book sense is important but so is common sense. I would rather have a nursing who graduated with a low GPA but she knows what she's doing than have a nurse taking care of me who graduated with a 4.0 but has not clue how to think in the real world.

    I hate it that we are nothing but numbers nowadays.

    Anyway, rant is over, LOL. The study guide for A&P has diagrams to review and over 100 practice questions, so it doesn't hurt to practice with it but even then, I"m not sure if it's enough to get an A+.

    How can they ask 30 questions out of a YEAR's worth of anatomy!!