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I took the HESI pre-entrance test today and BOMBED scoring 72.5%. I need a minimum of 77% to even be considered for the program. I got the Elsevier review book and studied for 10 days. I took the 4 practice tests in the back... Read More

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    I'm nervous about it to. I don't take it till Jan but my friends who took it this semester have been flunking the vocabulary section left and right (you need a 75% or higher in each section and they pass everything but the vocab). I have the Evolve book and I think it's great with the math (actually 1/3 of the freaking book is the math section) but it doesn't seem to have much vocab on there so is there anything else people used to study for that part of the test?

    We only have two shots to take it, but I'd like to get it out of the way on my first try.

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    Quote from Robbie916
    Just to make things clear for me. I was under the impression that HESI i needed to be taken once you are done with ur pre reqs and about to apply for the ADN program. Is that true? or can i take it as im taking my prereqs, that way if i fail i can take it again and again. How often and around what time of the year is this HESI exam available. I just bought the book too that FUTURENOVARN mentioned.
    Please help me.....Thannks

    Robbie S.

    It is best to wait until you finish most All A&P courses, chemistrys, maths, etc...

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    Quote from lindask
    I am currently attending Baker College in Michigan, we can only take the Hesi two times only, ever at Baker. How come I am hearing that the test is not timed, it is at Baker. Each section is timed and the total time for the test is 8 hours, I think, can't remember. We only take the Math, English, A&P, Med Term. But we have to score 86 or higher to even be considered for the program. It is very competitive as I'm sure it is everywhere. Baker takes 40 students in the Winter and 40 students in the spring. They used to only take 30 each time. I have taken the fall off of school to study for the HESI, I am fearful that I will not pass after reading this post. I am 51 and need to get back to work and I cannot afford to fail this exam. I have heard that the Sauders study guide coupled with the HESI study guide and the flash cards will help, is that correct? Thanks for reading
    it was also timed for me as well...

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    Does anyone know if UNLV Hesi-A2 exam is timed?
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    oh, and has anyone used the 2009 Elsevier
    HESI A2 Secrets Study Guide: HESI A2 Test Review for the Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment Exam by HESI A2 Exam Secrets Test Prep Team BOOK AND FLASHCARDS? BOTH COMES UP TO BE 80 BUCKS. I dont know if it's worth it???
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    dont worry about the exam.

    I am not sure if this thread was posted in Jan or not. So u might had already taken the test. How did it go?

    I would feel bad as well if I bombed a test...but retaking it now that u know whats on it would give u a better chance to get a better score.

    Wish u luck!
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    khayemae: i took the math, reading comp, and a&p sections of the hesi yesterday. i used the evolve official hesi study guide to prepare for math and reading, and the test was very similar to the guide for those two areas. unfortunately, the book didn't provide a lot of detail for a&p. so to supplement, i used a&p for dummies and my old anatomy class flashcards. i've heard the "secrets" book and the flashcards aren't worth the money. i think my study guide was $25 on amazon -- you can get them used, too.

    my school also provides some a&p links:

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    Thank you soo much! The links were all very rich in info. Thank you for the advice.. Good luck to you!!
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    Does anyone know if all accelerated nursing programs require the HESI exam? One of the programs I'm looking into (UMDNJ) doesn't say anything about it on their website. I thought it was a standard entrance exam everywhere.
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    Hi Lady_Vol i have a few questions to ask you.
    I was wondering the book u posted is that still current for a 2010 HESI exam?
    I am not sure how the test goes, it will be my first time taking it after this semester. I appreciate if you send me a message back.. Thank you

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