Any Recent Hesi test takers out there? Maybe in the last week or so etc.... - page 2

I take my hesi next week the 14th. I'm studying now and just want to hear some different feedback. I have read posts about the hesi from others on here but some have been older posts from months ago.... Read More

  1. by   limitless-visions
    rn_chick there are a few but not enough to fail you. you will do fine.
  2. by   Samantha1751
    I take mine on Friday but I haven't finished my second A&P class yet so I'm a little nervous about that.
  3. by   RN_chick
    finished my test yesterday. Didn't do too good. made C overall. Math and reading was kind of easy HESI book is enough to cover those two modules. But Vocabulary was hard. I had to struggle a bit. HESI book will cover hardly 10% on vocabulary module. Submitted the application... now loooonnng waiting time (
  4. by   limitless-visions
    Rn_chick I'm sorry to hear that. How long have you studied. I studied the entire book three times up and down. I'm taking it again tommorrow for another school because they take an extra part which is the anatomy. How was the anatomy for you? kind of questions? Heart, organ systems or what?
  5. by   marcoflyers
    Hello HESI taker,
    I am glad that you are sharing your experience. I am planning to take the HESI exam, and I am late for the registration for the preparation review. I am nervous too. Could you share me what book I have to buy to prepare for the exam?
    How about the English? How is it? This is my weakness- English is my second language. Please give some tips.
  6. by   marcoflyers
    Congratulations! How many days is the HESI exam? How many courses are covered? About the vocabulary, is that term and definition in the Anatomy. I am Taking Anatomy 1 now, I don't have AP Biology, I took Biological science.The prep class is already full. Can you suggest good book for my HESI exam. Thank you
  7. by   DGrace
    On the HESI are you able to bounce around through the test, answering some questions right away and some later, or do you have to answer questions in order?
    Thanks so much for any info.
  8. by   Tinman1017
    You have to answer all the questions per section in order. BUT you get to pick what sections you want to take first and so forth.

    I recomend taking reading first! Its REALLY hard to read all of thos passages aftter youve been sitting there for an hour or so. Its best to get it over with first!
  9. by   DGrace
    Is the HESI computer based? If so, on the test, can you bounce between questions, leaving some unanswered and going back later or do you have to answer the questions in order? . Also do you know if it is offered as a paper test as well? Thanks for any information
  10. by   DGrace
    Thanks for your answer Tinman. I posted the question again, before I saw your answer. Appreciate your reply.
  11. by   Mslecia20
    I just took it last week and scored with an 80%. They only took into consideration the reading,grammar, vocab and math. If they had taken the A&P I would have been screwed lol. It is really pretty easy just use the study guide. I only reviewed the math portion of the study guide which is why I only scored an 80%
  12. by   limitless-visions
    Mslecia20 what college did you take it for? and Do you think you will get in with an 80%. That seems to be a good score to me. I'm just a little nervous I took it for one college and made a 84% that was my first time taking it. Then I took it at another college that want anatomy, which anatomy made my score go down to a 78.40%. So you see your right anatomy is much more challenging. Anyway I just hope one of those scores are high enough. The schools I picked were Darton college and middle georgia college.
  13. by   nina75440
    Can anyone tell me what kind of A&P questions are on the Hesi? I have taken the Hesi before but only took the reading, math and English parts because that is all the first school I applied to required, but I have found that most of the others here want all 7 parts.