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I take my hesi next week the 14th. I'm studying now and just want to hear some different feedback. I have read posts about the hesi from others on here but some have been older posts from months ago. Come on and spill the beans!... Read More

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    I took in in December 2011. The school that I'm taking my prereqs at allows you to take it twice per year, so I signed up for the first round even though I knew I wouldn't have time to study beforehand. I figured it would be a practice run to see where my weaknesses were and retake it in January. I scored a 92%, with my lowest subsection score being an 88% (A&P). It was not a difficult exam at all - just the basics.

    Since then, I've reconsidered the program at my current school (because of scheduling conflicts with work) and am applying for a 3-year, part-time program at a hospital-based school. I will be taking the PSB-RN next weekend for that program. Now, that I'm halfway thru A&P II, I hope to do better on that section.
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    Wow thats great snow_bear. I just took my Hesi Wednesday and I made a 84%. my reading was the lowest grade but the school looks at your english composite score and your math and you had to have atleast a 75%. I'm glad I meet those requirements now I have to wait and see if I'm accepted.
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    I am taking it tomorrow and i am just soo nervous. those measurement conversions killing me.. ( are there many questions on measurement conversion??
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    rn_chick there are a few but not enough to fail you. you will do fine.
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    I take mine on Friday but I haven't finished my second A&P class yet so I'm a little nervous about that.
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    finished my test yesterday. Didn't do too good. made C overall. Math and reading was kind of easy HESI book is enough to cover those two modules. But Vocabulary was hard. I had to struggle a bit. HESI book will cover hardly 10% on vocabulary module. Submitted the application... now loooonnng waiting time (
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    Rn_chick I'm sorry to hear that. How long have you studied. I studied the entire book three times up and down. I'm taking it again tommorrow for another school because they take an extra part which is the anatomy. How was the anatomy for you? kind of questions? Heart, organ systems or what?
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    Hello HESI taker,
    I am glad that you are sharing your experience. I am planning to take the HESI exam, and I am late for the registration for the preparation review. I am nervous too. Could you share me what book I have to buy to prepare for the exam?
    How about the English? How is it? This is my weakness- English is my second language. Please give some tips.
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    Congratulations! How many days is the HESI exam? How many courses are covered? About the vocabulary, is that term and definition in the Anatomy. I am Taking Anatomy 1 now, I don't have AP Biology, I took Biological science.The prep class is already full. Can you suggest good book for my HESI exam. Thank you
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    On the HESI are you able to bounce around through the test, answering some questions right away and some later, or do you have to answer questions in order?
    Thanks so much for any info.

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